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Morning Service



This Sunday we welcome everyone here especially the GEMS as they lead us in worship and share their theme of thankfulness in all circumstances. It is good to be reminded of this great biblical truth as we give thanks for the assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ. May God be praised as we worship today.

Gathering Songs led by

Sarah Curtis & Diana Hoekstra

“Blessed Be the Name”

“Days of Elijah”

“God of Wonders”

Margaret Njuguna Speaks About
Her work in Tanzania

Welcome – Kayla Blakley

Description of GEMS – Erin Vandenborn

*Call to Worship

*God’s Greeting -We Greet One Another

* Opening Song: PH #182

“Give Thanks to God, for Good is He”

GEMS Theme – Megan Scholing,

Stephanie Hoekstra, Alana Ebens, Rachel Schakel

Song: “O Lord You’re Beautiful”

Call to Confession and Prayer of Confession

Thankful Responses – Amie Macinnis &

Brianna Venhuis

Assurance of Pardon

Litany of Thanksgiving – Corinna Prins

Song of Thanksgiving – GEMS sing
“Give Thanks”

Children’s Message: Veronica Bouwman, Courtney Brander, Lori Baptist

(preschool –gr. 2 dismissed)

*Song of Approach: GEMS sing

“Jesus in My Life”

Scripture Reading: Regan Kooyman

I Thessalonians 5:4-18

Message: “Thankful in all Circumstances”

*Hymn of Response: “In the Secret”

Congregational Prayer

Description of GEMS Africa project – Cheryl Baptist


1st – General Fund

2nd – GEMS and Africa Project

Carina Pols, Jessica Bouwman,

Megan Fraser, Meagan Pol

*Parting Blessing

*Closing Song:
“That’s Why We Praise Him”