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2007-07-15 Bulletin

We are God's Children—gathered by Him in love—to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another.  We do this in obedience to His Word.

Church Family

Continue to remember our shut-ins: Ann Swier, Margaret Bos, Theresa Salomons, Tena Ellen and Jackie Hartenhof.

Our missionaries around the world continue to covet our prayers. Some of them are in very dangerous places. As they share the love of God with the people around them, may they know that the Lord has promised to go before them – providing for their every need.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Colombia - On July 5 two pastors were shot and killed suspectedly by members of a guerrilla group in the village of El Dorado. During an open-air service the pastors were approached by a group of man wearing camouflage clothing. They were called by name and led away. The next day both bodies were found with gunshots wounds to the head. Pastor Humberto Mendez (63) and Pastor Joel Cruz Gracia (27) are both survived by a wife and children. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill their family members' hearts with the comfort that comes from knowing that those who die in Christ will be raised with Him (1 Thessalonians 4:15-18). Ask God to bring true justice in these murders.

The Mr. and Mrs. Club

Will sing at the Senior Lodge this Wednesday at 6.30 (note the change of time) after which we will have our annual wiener roast at the home of Lillian Mercier, 25 Eagle Road.

CRC 150TH ANNIVERSARY: 150th Anniversary gift ideas are available and can be viewed online at www.crcna.org Order from Faith Alive Christian Resources www.faithaliveresources.org.


The Internet is the most effective way to reach children in Japan, but our website is sometimes blocked because it is a religious site. Please pray that nothing will hinder Japanese children from hearing the good news of Jesus.


Liz has a choice to make. Should he obey his mom or not? Check out Liz’s decision and the consequences on this week’s Kids Corner. Then write to Kids Corner at PO Box 5070, Burlington ON L7R 3Y8 for your very own Bible study and to join the Kids Corner Bible Club.


All our lives we strive to be rich. We work hard to make money. Sometimes we buy things so everyone around us thinks we’re rich. Some of us have a greater desire to be rich with friends and family. We want a plethora of fulfilling relationships. Yet God says, Blessed are the poor in spirit. What exactly does he mean? Find out on the July 22ndBack to God Hour.

From Your Friends at King’s University College

The following positions are open:

  • Campus Visit Coordinator
  • Admissions Counsellor
  • Library Assistant
  • Men’s Basketball Head Coach
  • Men’s Volleyball Head Coach
  • Education – Language Arts
  • Education Professor
  • Educational Psychology

Please see kingsu.ca for more information on these positions.


Offering: Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Ushers: no service in Bethel in the AM

Lift Operator: Bill Noordhof

Sound: am. NO service pm. Travis

Power Point: am. NO service pm. Kristin

Greeters: No service in Bethel in the AM

Coffee: No service in Bethel in the AM

Nursery:M.O.M. Angela

a.m. no service in Bethel in the AM

p.m. Meryl Wiersma, Philip vanIperen

PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper: no service


Offering: Central Alberta Christian High School

Ushers: Peter Zuidhof & Rod Duckett

Lift Operator: Herman Scholing Sr.

Sound: am. Scott pm. Henry E.

Power Point: am. Kayleen pm. Stephanie

Greeters: Bill & Audrey Noordhof, Gerald & Nelly Keitel

Coffee: Gerald & Michelle Noort, Steve & Carmen McKerrow, Scott & Irene Fraser

Nursery:M.O.M. Angela

a.m. Paul Prins, Sue Wildeboer, Justin Noort, Daniel Venhuis, Heather Van Stryland

p.m. August Luymes, Kendra Scholing

PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper: Angela Wildeboer