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2007-07-29 Bulletin

We are God's Children—gathered by Him in love—to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another.  We do this in obedience to His Word.

Church Family

We continue to remember Ruth and Peter Sluys as well as Albert and Tilly Biel. May the Lord grant wisdom and strength as well as patience and good rest. May each day be blessed with a new sense of the Lord’s goodness and love.

Continue to remember our shut-ins: Ann Swier, Margaret Bos, Theresa Salomons, Tena Ellen and Jackie Hartenhof.

Our missionaries around the world continue to covet our prayers. Some of them are in very dangerous places. As they share the love of God with the people around them, may they know that the Lord has promised to go before them – providing for their every need.


Flower Ministry 

Flowers this week will be delivered to the Sluys’. We pray that God would continue to pour out His love and gentle healing each day. May Ruth find new strength for the day and may both Ruth and Peter be assured of His loving presence at all times.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church


On July 16, Eman Muhammad el-Sayed (26), a Christian convert from Islam, was attacked by her male Muslim family members in Alexandria and arrested by the police who then tortured her for eight days. She was at a local fair with her husband when her relatives grabbed her, beat her and tried to kidnap her in a car. They also vowed to kill her. Police intervened, claiming that they would take her into "protective custody." She was detained at the local station where she was beaten, electrocuted on several sensitive parts of her body and photographed naked. She was also interrogated about her Christian identity papers, which were forged when she married a Christian man in 2003. Egyptian law forbids a Muslim from changing religions and forbids a Muslim woman from marrying a Christian. Police refused to press charges against her relatives. On July 23 she was handed over to her Muslim family members, who severely beat her behind the station before driving off with her. Pray for Eman's safety. Pray for her husband at this time and pray that Eman will be able to join him soon. Pray that her family members will come to know Christ as Lord.

Coffee Break

Want to make your Christian Life more Dynamic? How about becoming a Coffee Break Leader? No experience necessary, just a desire to grow in your Faith and enjoy some wonderful fellowship with a great bunch of ladies. Coffee Break starts September 19. Please talk to Debby van Iperen.


Have you ever been so scared that your knees started shaking? Help Liz face his fear on this week’s Kids Corner. Then write to Kids Corner at PO Box 5070, Burlington ON L7R 3Y8 for your very own Bible study and to join the Kids Corner Bible Club.


Who do we allow as members in our churches? Are there any prostitutes in your church’s history? What about that person who had an affair? Or the drug dealer? Does their presence make the church look bad? How can the Bible help us figure this out? Find out on the August 5thBack to God Hour.


Registration for the Sea to Sea 2008 Bike Tour opens this Wednesday, Aug. 1 for riders applying to cycle the full distance from Washington State to New Jersey. Space is limited; download the registration form today at www.SeatoSea.org. Volunteer Application Forms are also available online; please consider offering your skills “sea to sea” next summer. Info: 1-888-272-2453.


The Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) is seeking applicants for Director of News & Media Relations, based in either Burlington Ont. or Grand Rapids, Mich. For information regarding this position, visit www.crcna.org. For consideration, submit a copy of your resume and a letter of interest, byAug. 31, to apply@crcna.org


Three members of the Christian Reformed Church will be featured in an interview dealing with euthanasia on 100 Huntley Street on Aug. 2.They are the wife and sons of a long time CRC member who died of a genetic form of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease a few years ago. Check the Crossroads Television website for the exact time in your area, www.crossroads.ca\broadcas\100time.htm


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Greeters: Rod & Laura Duckett, Murray & Annette Wiersma

Coffee: John & MarDeb deRegt, Harry & Hilda Van Stryland, Jim & Wannetta Brander

Nursery:M.O.M. Angela

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PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper:
Marvin & Kayleen Ebens


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p.m. Judy Hazelhoff, Meagan Scholing

PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper:
Kayleen Ebens & Maddy deRegt