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2007-08-05 Bulletin

We are God's Children—gathered by Him in love—to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another.  We do this in obedience to His Word. 

Church Family

Ria Jager is still in Intensive Care but is doing better. We trust that she will continue to progress and be able to come home in due time.

Lea Dykstra returned home from the hospital and is doing well. We praise the Lord for His good care.

Ruth Sluys continues to rest and wait for surgery. Pray for peace and patience.

Continue to remember our shut-ins: Ann Swier, Margaret Bos, Theresa Salomons, Tena Ellen and Jackie Hartenhof.

Our missionaries around the world continue to covet our prayers.

Tomorrow Janneke Voorbij leaves for China! May God grant good traveling, good health and over all, His wonderful peace for Janneke and for her family here at home.

,Prayer for the Persecuted Church

India - Approximately fifteen Bajrang Dal ativists disrupted a worship service on July 29 in Sagar Taluka, Karnataka and beat those present. The militants, armed with cricket bats and knives, broke down the door of the Believer's Church. They destroyed the furnishings and seriously injured several of the church members. They also destroyed a car and mo-ped parked outside the building. A police complaint has been registered and arrests are expected. Police officers are also posted at the hospital to protect those injured in the attack.
Pray for healing for those injured in these attacks. Pray that this congregation will experience God's peace that is beyond comprehension (Philippians 4:4-7). Pray that they will be encouraged to continue meeting together, despite the opposition (Hebrews 10:23-25).

Bethel Youth

Attention: All youth grades 7-12 you are invited to come to the beach for an afternoon of boating. We will be going to Wilson beach this coming Saturday August 11th.

We will meet at the church for those who need a ride, we leave at 12:30 sharp, and we will be back at the church at 5:30. Please bring along a life jacket a snack and a drink. Any questions call Phil Tenbrinke at 391- 3975 or Wayne Bouwman at 782-4273.

Coffee Break 

Want to make your Christian Life more Dynamic? How about becoming a Coffee Break Leader? No experience necessary, just a desire to grow in your Faith and enjoy some wonderful fellowship with a great bunch of ladies. Coffee Break starts September 19. Please talk to Debby van Iperen.


Offering: Volunteer Link

Ushers: Rod Venhuis & Bill Noordhof

Lift Operator: Ernie Stebner

Sound: am. Travis pm. Henry E.

Power Point: am. Simon pm. Kayleen

Greeters: Teus & Marja Vander Vlis, Harry & Hilda Van Stryland

Coffee: August & Harriet Luymes, Frank & Debby van Iperen, Bill & Audrey Noordhof

Nursery:M.O.M. Vivian

a.m. Cora Stol, Doreen Kits, Jordan Van Stryland, Jessica Bouwman, Timothy Rosendal

p.m. Judy Hazelhoff, Meagan Scholing

PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper:
Kayleen Ebens & Maddy deRegt


Offering: Lacombe Food Bank

Ushers: Trudy Salomons & Murray Wiersma

Lift Operator: Ralph Bos

Sound: am. Wayne pm. Henry G.

Power Point: am. Kristin pm. Veronica

Greeters: Peter & Jan Zuidhof, Gerald & Michelle Noort

Coffee: Ed & Cora Stol, Murray & Annette Wiersma, Alex & Ann Wildeboer

Nursery:M.O.M. Vivian

a.m. Carina Tenbrinke, Veronica Bouwman, Blair van Gyssel,

Kendra Scholing, Ryan Swier

p.m. Herman Scholing, Alana Ebens

PreSchool Sunday School Teacher and Helper:
Veronica Bouwman & Brittany Brander

Weekly Calendar

Saturday, August 11

12:30 p.m. Bethel Youth meet at church to leave for an afternoon

Of boating at Wilson’s beach

Sunday, August 12

Pastor Evert Gritter will lead both services

Thursday, August 16

7:30 p.m. General Administration Leadership Team meeting

Sunday, August 19

Mr. Harry Cook from Edmonton will lead both services

Monday, August 21

7:30 p.m. Worship Leadership Team meeting