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Morning Service


Gathering Songs led by Henry Eisses

Welcome and announcements

*Call to Worship: John 6:53-56

*God’s Greeting

*We Greet One Another

*Opening Song: “Shout to the Lord”

Time of Prayer

Offering –
1st – General Fund
2nd – The Horlings

Song of Approach: PH #524 vs. 1,2,5 (tune 580)
“Hope of the World”
(preschool dismissed)

Scripture Reading: John 6:25-40
text: vs. 35

Sermon: “The Bread of Life”

*Hymn of Response: PH #543
“Guide Me, O My Great Redeemer”

Responsive From for the Lord’s Supper
(p973 – 975)

Song of approach: PH #263 vs. 1,3,4
“Just As I Am”

The Celebration

Song of Thanksgiving: PH #302 vs. 1,2,3
“In the Quiet Consecration” (tune 474)

*The Blessing

*Closing Song:
“Lord Reign in Me”