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2007-09-16 Bulletin

We are God's Children—gathered by Him in love—to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another.  We do this in obedience to His Word.

Church Family

We give thanks that Mrs. Grace Vanderveen returned home to the Lodge on Wednesday. She continues to need her rest but is doing better.

Remember our shut-ins as well: Tena Ellen, Ann Swier, Margaret Bos, Theresa Salomons, and Jackie Hartenhof.


*Prayer Pictures*:

We are starting a new initiative based on James 5:16 “pray for each other.” We would like to pray for one family every week and include a picture of them on the screen so that people can be reminded who they are and remember them in prayer during the week. Barb is taking the pictures after the service in the Fellowship hall. Please try to come with your family and have yours taken. It only takes a minute.

*Pictures in the Fellowship Hall*:

The pictures that are taken will be developed and placed on a bulletin board in the fellowship hall with the names. This will be like the old picture directory. Then if you are not sure about someone’s name or family connections you can check for a minute in the fellowship hall.

*Pictures in the Newsletter*:

We also hope to include the picture of those prayed for in the month in the Newsletter with a brief write up.

We are a large congregation and we can use these various means to build up our fellowship.

Flower Ministry:

Our flowers this week will be brought to Mrs. Lies Boskers as she celebrates her birthday. Many people are blessed by the cards that Lies makes. May the flowers be a small blessing in return.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church


Pastor T. L. Angam Haokip (31), who runs an orphanage and a Bible college, was attacked by approximately thirty-five men on the morning of September 8 in the village of Geddalahalli, Bangalore. Pastor Haokip was driving when the men walked in front of his vehicle and forced him to stop. They asked him if he was a pastor and when he said "yes" they pulled him out on to the road. The men accused him of "ruining" the nation and beat him in front of several witnesses. They tried to crush his legs with boulders and also kicked him in the neck. Pastor Haokip received severe injuries to his back and chest and his jeep was destroyed. He tried to file a complaint at the local police station but it was rejected and he was told that a complaint had been registered against him for negligent driving. Pray for healing for Pastor Haokip. Ask God to bless the ministry of Christian workers spreading the Gospel in India. Pray that the Lord will work in the lives of the persecutors and lead them to faith in Christ.

Wolf Creek Community Church Update

It's not a new building but it bears a new name and it's getting a serious makeover. Wolf Creek Community Church is taking up residence in the Lacombe RV building on Wolf Creek Drive in Lacombe. A coincidence, you say -- Wolf Creek Community Church located on Wolf Creek Drive? We don't think so. We see it as a gift; evidence of God's amazing provision as we move from our tiny beginnings in the downtown Laundromat building to this much larger space. We anticipate using this space for God's glory as we "reach out and enfold people for Jesus, together becoming devoted disciples of Him" (from the Mission statement for WCCC). Renovations are underway with the help of many volunteers who are sanding, painting, carpeting, sewing curtains, and doing all the things necessary to prepare our new church home. Some renovations have been put on hold due to some minor roadblocks but we expect to be worshiping in our new location by October. Lacombe RV will continue to lease a part of the building for up to a year as they build their own facilities west of the city.

We want to thank the churches of Lacombe and Classis Alberta North for their support and encouragement through this growing process. To God be all praise.

Pastor Mike’s Office Hours 

I will be at the office on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. If you wish to see me but these times don’t work you can just call and arrange a time that works for you. If you cannot reach me at the office (782-5050) just call me at home (782-0744).

Urgent Need

As of September 30th the secretary position will be vacant. Anyone interested in finding out about the hours involved or seeing a job description should talk to Anita Geldof or Pastor Mike. Please prayerfully consider if this is a way in which you can serve.

Council Hi-Lights

From the meeting held Wednesday, September 12, 2007

  1. Adopted the proposal from the executive to hold a council retreat on November 10, 2007.
  2. Approved the motion that “undesignated cheques in an offering plate/basket will go to the cause for which that offering is designated. Either the General Fund offering or, the designated special cause of the day. A reminder that envelopes are available for your giving purposes, whereby you may indicate the cause you would like your gift to support.
  3. Moved to adopt the recommendation from the Worship Team that we NOT have an evening service on September 30th as there is a full day of Celebration planned for the local Christian Reformed Churches at the New Life Christian Reformed Church. We encourage the congregation to attend.
  4. Advance notice: at the December 6th congregational meeting there will be a motion to present a gift of $70,000 to Wolf Creek Community Church. These funds will come from the Parsonage funds.
  5. Classis Alberta North meets October 16,17 at First Christian Reformed Church in Red Deer. Our delegates will be Pastor Mike and Bill Wildeboer.

A note from the Treasurer

It is getting close to Budget time and to include all the needs of the church, I need budgets from each Ministry Leadership Team by September 20th. Thank you for doing your part. Please place the proposed budget in the treasurer’s mailbox.

August Luymes

Nursery News

Amaris Wildeboer will be taking over as the new nursery coordinator effective immediately. It's time for a new nursery schedule and we need to know if anyone wants to be added or taken off the list. Please let either Gaylene (782-3003) or Amaris (755-1729) know a.s.a.p.

Coffee Break

Starts on Wednesday morning at 9:30. All ladies are welcome! Please join us for another season of Bible Study, praise, sharing, making friends, and a lot of fun. We will begin with studying Hebrews. Hebrews speaks to us today, reminding us of all that Jesus is and all He has done for us, encouraging us to live faithfully in times when we may be weary.

Come Join Us for Supper 

Families of all ages are invited to a soup and bun supper on Sept. 23 at 5:00 p.m. prior to the evening service. The Education Ministry Leadership Team is having a kick off for Bible Studies. This is an information time that will get you excited about joining a Bible Study. Be prepared to fill out the questionnaire that you'll find in your mailbox and come join us for a fun evening. If you are interested in joining a Bible Study, but cannot join us on the 23rd, put your questionnaire in Donna Vandenborn's mailbox. Please R.S.V.P. by September 18 to 782-9993 or to 885-5263 if you are planning to come for supper. Please leave a message. Hope to see you there.

Come join a group of men who love to sing praises to God.

The Parkland Men's Choir will start practicing for the new season on Monday September 17th at Woodynook CRC. at 7:30 pm under the direction of Larry Johnson. Join us in Christian fellowship and song. For more information call Allan Stolte @ 403-885-4379.

Let’s “Make room” Together!

Rehoboth’s Board of directors has designated September as “Membership Campaign Month.” Annual Association Membership Fees of TEN dollars are renewable in September, PLUS donations of any amount are needed and greatly appreciated. Our budget goal this year is to reach a membership base of 5000 and receive donations of $125,000 for a total of $175,000. Your $10.00 Membership Fee (per person) and supporting donations insures the continuation of quality services provided in the Lord’s name. Again this year, we are encouraging each person in a family to become a member. Children under the legal age of 18 will be non-voting members. A strong membership base is a great benefit to Rehoboth when negotiating funding for the services we provide.

Please give your donations directly to Natalie Rosendal. Remember to include your full name, address, postal code, and the name of the church you attend, for our records. Thank you for your faithful support of Rehoboth Christian Ministries.

The Christian Labour Association

Would like to invite you to a retirement celebration for National Representative, Co Vanderlaan. Co is retiring at the end of September after 40 years of service. The banquet celebration is on Friday, September 28, 2007 at 6 p.m. at the Mayfield Inn and Suites 16615-109 Ave. Edmonton. We invite you to come and help celebrate God’s faithfulness to Co and CLAC. To RSVP banquet tickets by September 20, 2007 call: Grace Rietema at 748-2237 or Anna Vanhaastert at 843-6523.


NADC's annual Day of Encouragement is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd, at The King's University College. This year's theme is Continue the Journey of Grace. This is for everyone, mark this date on your calendars, keep it open! You won't want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity for learning, worship & fellowship. Registration details will be supplied to your deacons soon.


We plan to come together for prayer and reflection on Tuesday, Sept 18 at 7.00p at First Church in Red Deer. If you have time, please join us.

Pastor Jack Hielema

On Sunday September 23

There is a special service for the opening of the new LMC building. It will begin at 11:45 (immediately after our service) and is scheduled to last 30 minutes. Pastor Andy and his praise team from WCCC will be providing the music. Various other Pastors will take part. Immediately following the service there will be a BBQ put on by the Lacombe fire fighters.

Celebrating 150 years of the CRC:

On Sept 30 the CRC of Central Alberta are gathering to celebrate our life and faith as a community of faith. We will begin with a worship service at 11am at New Life Fellowship in Red Deer Alberta. It will be a service of remembering our past and rededicating ourselves to the mission of God in this world. Dr. Plantinga will lead us in the Word. After worship we will join together for lunch followed by a youth orientated event with Jason & Troy. This will be followed by cake and coffee. In order to facilitate the day’s events you are asked to do the following:

  1. Join the choir: choir practice on Wednesday, Sept 19th & 26th at 7:30 at Red Deer First. Everyone welcome
  2. Come and join together with God’s people
  3. Car Pool: parking is limited, the more we share vehicles the less of a problem it will be
  4. Take a lawn chair (if the weather is appropriate)
  5. There is nursery for children 0-5 years of age.

Your presence will make this day a wonderful day of celebration.

Community Choir

A new Community Choir is being formed in the Lacombe area for a performance of Schubert’s “Mass in G”. Rehearsals will be held Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Wolf Creek Community Church (51 Ave next to the Laundromat) beginning October 4 and continuing till the February 2008 performance. Conductor Carolyn Cave, in association with Dr Wendolin Munroe, Choral Director, CUC. To book your place now, or for more information, please phone 782-7365.


Offering: The Gideons

Ushers: Trudy Salomons & Murray Wiersma

Lift Operator: Ralph Bos

Sound:am. Wayne. pm. Ian

Power Point:am. Veronica pm. Ian

Greeters: Craig & Marcella Van Stryland, Alex & Ann Wildeboer

Coffee: Wayne & Jackie Bouwman, Rod & Barb Venhuis, Paul & Cindy Prins

Nursery:M.O.M. Judy

a.m.Dorothy Wildeboer, Steve Tenbrinke, Adam Eisses, Stephanie Hoekstra, Daniel Venhuis

p.m. Jessica Noordhof, Martha Stad

Preschool Helpers:
3 & 4 yr. olds. - Veronica Bouwman
4 & 5 yr. olds. – Nicole Stol


Offering: The Bible League

Ushers: Ken Salomons & Craig Van Stryland

Lift Operator: Bill Noordhof

Sound:am. Scott pm. Henry E.

Power Point:am. Paul pm. Kayleen

Greeters: Els Ebens, Peter & Gerry Prins

Coffee: Roger & Anita Swier, Els Ebens, John & Dana van Gyssel

Nursery:M.O.M. Judy

a.m.Steven van Iperen, Rob deRegt, Heather Van Stryland, Dianna Hoekstra

p.m. Carina Tenbrinke, Aaron Swier

Preschool Helpers:
3 & 4 yr. olds. - Kristin Van Stryland
4 & 5 yr. olds. – Madelyn deRegt

Weekly Calendar

Monday, September 17

7:30 p.m. Parkland Men’s Choir Practice at Woodynook

Tuesday, September 18

7:30 p.m. Bethel Youth Leaders meet

7:30 p.m. Education Ministry Leadership Team meets

Wednesday, September 19

9:30 a.m. Coffee Break/Story Hour Begins

7:30 p.m. Praise Team practice for September 23rd AM service

Sunday, September 23

11:45 a.m. A special service for the opening of the new LMC building. It will begin at 11:45 (immediately after our service) and is scheduled to last 30 minutes. Pastor Andy and his praise team from WCCC will be providing the music. Various other Pastors will take part. Immediately following the service there will be a BBQ put on by the Lacombe fire fighters.