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Morning Service


Gathering Songsled by Peter Prins

The Opening

Welcome and announcements

*Call to Worship – Matthew 11:28-30

*God’s Greeting

*We Greet One Another

*Opening Song: PH #461 “Beautiful Savior”

The Reconciliation

Confession – Isaiah 53:6

Pardon – Isaiah 53:5

Song of Thanks: PH #267 vs. 1,2,4 “And Can It Be”

Children’s Message: preschool Terry
(preschool, grades 1&2 dismissed)

The Word

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:24-29

Sermon: “Constructing A Life”

The Response

*Hymn of Response: PH #553 “Jesus Call Us O’er The Tumult”

In Service – Commissioning Ministry Workers

In Prayer – Congregational Prayer

In Giving - Offerings
1st – General Fund
2nd – The Back to God Hour

The Closing

*Closing Song: PH 513 “Christian Hearts in Love United”

*The Blessing

3-fold Amen