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2008-03-22 Mexico Trip

They will be building a new home for Cyndy Rios Olmedo and her 2 boys, Hector, 7 and Bryan, 6. Cyndy is 24 and a single mother. Her husband abandoned her and went to live with another woman. He helps her with 600 pesos ($60) a week, but she only works 2 or 3 days a week when she is called to clean homes. Her mother helps watch the boys while she works, but it is very hard for her to have a full-time job, since the boys are small and she can’t afford a babysitter.

In March 22nd the Mexico Mission team will be flying to San Diego and there the YWAM staff will drive them to Ensenada, Mexico. They will be in Ensenada for a week and hope to build a home and also grow closer to God by worshipping, witnessing and sharing God’s love.

Our team this year consists of Veronica Bouwman, Wayne Bouwman, Brittany Brander, David Hoekstra, August Luymes, Valerie Luymes, Cindy Prins, Ian Prins, Henry Stad, Sarah Stad, Michael Szelekovszky, Steven Szelekovszky, Paul Vandyk, Heather Van Haren and Marika van Velsen. Please keep the team in your prayers as they prepare to serve and share their love for Jesus Christ to the people in Mexico. Also pray for Cyndy and her boys that this home may be a real blessing to them.“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”