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2008-07-20 Bulletin

We are God's Children - gathered by Him in love - to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another. We do this in obedience to His Word.


Our Church Family

The flowers this week will be delivered to Hilda Zuidhof, to welcome her into her new home at the Lodge. We pray that God will give you joy and comfort in your new place of residence.

We remember the family of a cousin of Henry and Liz Stad in B.C. Kent Watson was killed in a tragic accident on the Coquihalla Highway last Sunday. He was in his late 30’s and leaves a wife and family. We seek God’s presence and strength as for the family and extended family in this difficult time.

Janneke Voorbij has been home from China for a while. We pray that your trip home went well and pray that your time at home is full of rest and relaxation.

Mark, Selina, Luke and Levi Patterson have arrived in Tennessee, USA and will be visiting with family and friends for the next few weeks.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tilly Biel, Lea Dykstra, Tena Ellen, Jackie Hartenhof, Theresa Salomons, Ruth Sluys, and Ann Swier.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

Pastor Mike

Has left for Ontario to visit family. He will be away for three Sundays. If there are any concerns please contact your district elder

Church Secretaries

The church secretaries will be in the office on Tuesday morning and all day Friday this week.


A miscellaneous bridal shower will be held for Jolyn Capton who will be married to Jan Willem Rodenburg on August 8th here in Bethel. Please come to the Bethel fellowship hall on Friday, July 25th at 7:30 for a time of support and encouragement in this wonderful occasion. Please write a short poem to accompany the gift for inclusion in a shower remembrance book.

August Newsletter

The Bethel Newsletter Team will be meeting this week to prepare for our next edition. We plan to have it in your mailboxes on Sunday, August 3rd. This will be our summer edition and will include summertime recipies and camping tips as well as updates and plans for the coming season from some of our Leadership Teams and Outreach ministries. We look forward to a fun edition. If anyone in the congregation has items to submit or meetings and such that they would like to see included on the calendar please let the team members know. We look forward to hearing from you. Ann Wildeboer, Harriet Luymes, Anita Geldof and Laura Duckett.

Bethel Youth News

Summer Series for Women

Will be meeting this Thursday July 24th at 7 p.m. for an evening of fellowship and gripping discussion. This weeks topic will be “Career vs. Family, or Both”. Come out and have some fun, invite a friend, she’ll be glad you did! For more information about the meeting or future gatherings please contact Carmen McKerrow at 403-885-0127

Attention to all Young Adults

The BBQ at the home of John and Wendy Taekema will take place on Sunday, July 27th at 1 p.m. rain or shine. If you need more information for this event please get in contact with the Taekema’s at 780-986-2199

Young Peoples

Mark Saturday Aug 2nd on your calendars for “Sand and Sea”. Meet at the church at 1 p.m. to get a ride to Aspen Beach for an afternoon of boating and hanging out at the lake. Bring beach essentials, sunscreen, towels, swimsuit and something to drink. We will be back at the church later in the afternoon. Call Phil or Carmen for more information.


Lacombe Men’s Ministry Breakfast

meeting will be held this coming Saturday, July 26th at the Cheese Toast Restaurant at the Wolf Creek Inn on Highway 2 at 7:00 a.m. Come for a time of sharing and encouragement by hearing others’ reflections on God’s goodness in our lives. Bring a friend. For more information call Henry Eisses at 782-2345.


Camp Rehoboth is in need of 6-8 more volunteers for Independent Week 3 - July 19 - 25. If you are 18 years or older, please call Linda or Kelvin at the Rehoboth office - 780-963-4044. We are also looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to help in the kitchen for our Youth Week - July 26 - August 1. Please call the Rehoboth office if you can help us out! Thank you very much. Linda Rosendal, Executive Assistant

Pastor Andrew Joosse (retired)

Is pleased to let you know that copies of his book "Living Grace" have been accepted by the Scott's Parable Christian Store of Red Deer. You will find the book, which attempts to tell the Bible story as a story of amazing grace, in the "Christian Living" section of the store.

Employment Opportunity:

Inglewood C.R.C. is currently looking for a director of Youth and Intergenerational Ministries with a heart for teenagers and young adults and a vision for promoting discipleship, congregational fellowship and care. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in this position, please contact Job den Otter at jsdenotter@shaw.ca

Denominational News

GROW- 2008- Digging Deeper, Reaching Wider

Children’s Ministry Conference at Willoughby Christian Reformed Church in Langley, B.C. October 17 & 18, 2008. Come be inspired by Robert Keeley, author of Helping Our Children Grow in Faith, as well as our slate of experienced workshop leader. To register, go to www.faithaliveresources/grow.org or call 1-800-333-8300 and ask for Jolanda. There will be a $20 discount per person of you register by August 15th. A brochure will be posted on the bulletin board in the foyer.


Praise God for the distribution of 2,036 radios to families who live in poor, remote areas of Indonesia. They now have access to the Gospel through radio programs. Please pray for the local coordinators who were trained to follow up with the people who received the radios.


What is the Bible to you? Is it just another book? Or does it have special meaning? Is it even possible that something written more than two thousand years ago is relevant to our lives today? Can just anyone read it or do you need a seminary degree to really understand what it says and what it means? Find out on the July 27 Back to God Hour. Go to www.BacktoGod.net for local stations and times.


A thief is stealing clocks! Why clocks? Help Liz solve this strange mystery on this week’s Kids Corner. Then check out the new look at the Kids Corner web site www.kidscorner.net.


Track the tour live through the Rocky Mountains this week. Everyday, a cyclist will carry a GPS tracking unit, leaving a virtual breadcrumb of her or his travels that day. You can even check average and maximum speed and other stats. Click on "live tracking" at www.SeatoSea.org.


Much concern has been expressed with Dr. Morgentaler’s appointment to this high honour. The Canadian Ministries Office of the Christian Reformed Church commends the resources of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada on this issue. We encourage concerned CRC members to learn and act by visiting: www.evangelicalfellowship.ca or call 613-233-9868.


Disciples Year 2 is an intermediate-level study series that explores the spiritual practices of what it means to be follower of Jesus. Visit www.growdisciples.org to learn more. Discover the Parables of Jesus is a new “Discover Your Bible” series study that aims to help anyone who has questions about what Jesus’ parables say to us today. Visit www.FaithAliveResources.org to read a sample chapter.

Persecuted Church


On June 26th two preteen Christian girls, Saba Younis and Aneela Younis, were kidnapped by radical Muslims while on their way to visit their uncle in the town of Chowk Munda in the state of Punjab. Two days later, the kidnappers filed for custody of them at the local police station, stating that they had converted to Islam and that their father, Younis Masih, no longer had jurisdiction over them. It was also reported by their uncle that they had been forcibly married to local Muslim men.
Police initially refused Masih's request to file a complaint against the abductors, claiming his daughters had "embraced Islam." With help from a local human rights activist, Masih opened a case against them. On July 12, the district judge ruled in favour of the Muslims, alleging that the girls' conversions to Islam were "legitimate" and their marriages "valid," so they could not be returned to their family. The family is reportedly planning to appeal the ruling but local Christians fear they will continue to be treated unjustly because of their faith. Pray that Saba and Aneela will be returned home. Pray that they will remain strong in their faith. Ask God to give comfort to their families and safety for other young Christian girls in Pakistan.


Offering: Education Tuition Relief

Ushers: Bryan Noordhof, Peter Prins

Lift Operator: Bill Noordhof

Sound: a.m. Henry G p.m. Travis

Power Point: a.m. Thomas p.m. Justin

Greeters: Jake & Agnes Prins, Bryan & Yvonne Noordhof

Coffee: Scott & Irene Fraser, August & Harriet Luymes, Henry & Anita Geldof

M.O.M. Amy
a.m. Carina Tenbrinke, Curt Dowling, Rob deRegt, Stephanie Hoekstra, Gabrielle Ebens
p.m. Barb Vandyk, August Luymes

Pre-school teachers: Joan Eisses, Chelsea Bos


Offering: C.A.C.H.S.

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Coffee: Alex & Ann Wildeboer, Henry & Joan Eisses, Peter & Jan Zuidhof

M.O.M. Amy
a.m. Anita Swier, Ed Stol Stephanie Bouwman, Adam Eisses, Heather Van Stryland
p.m. Cora Hoekstra, Brittany Brander

Pre-school teachers: Cora Hoekstra, Michelle Hoekstra

Weekly Calendar

Thursday, July 24th

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends community supper
Contact Jeanne Ebens at 784-2340 for more information

7:00 p.m. Summer Series for Women

Friday, July 25th

7:30 p.m. Bridal Shower for Jolyn Capton