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2008-12-21 Bulletin

We are God's Children - gathered by Him in love - to bring glory to the Triune God, to pray, to seek the lost, to nurture the young in the Lord, to care for the hurting, and to encourage one another. We do this in obedience to His Word.

Bulletin deadline

submissions for the December 28th bulletin must be in by Tuesday evening, December 23rd. The secretaries will be in the office on Tuesday morning December 23rd and Wednesday morning, December 24th.

Christmas Day

Thursday, December 25th, 10:30 a.m. worship – we will celebrate the Savior’s birth.

**A special note to Pre-school and Grades 3-6 Sunday school students & their parents – the children will be singing during the Christmas Day service.

Next Sunday, December 28th

We welcome Pastor Gary Bomhof from First CRC in Red Deer as he exchanges with Pastor Mike. There will be no evening service.

New Year’s Service

To focus our trust in God’s word we ask members of the congregation to submit Bible verses/passages that have sustained them, given them hope and/or challenged them in their faith in the past few years. It could have been in a time of joy or sadness, confusion or clarity. As God’s word touched our lives in the past, so we go forward in confidence in the new year. Please give the biblical reference and a brief insight into how the Word of God helped you. Place your submission in the box in the foyer or email Pastor Mike at pastor6@telus.net

Christmas Goodies

have you started your Christmas baking yet? We would like to serve coffee & Christmas goodies after some of our special services this month. If you have an extra dozen or two you would be able to share, just drop them off in the kitchen or place them in the refrigerator. We are looking for goodies for the following services: December 21st Candle light service, Christmas Day, New Years' Eve & New Years' Day. Thank you!

Our Church Family

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers that help make our worship services here at Bethel very meaningful, uplifting and edifying while we praise and worship our Heavenly Father. The flowers this week will be brought to Tena Stol and we thank her for accompanying our singing by playing the organ on a regular basis.

Thank you for the support for the Seafarers boxes and donations. It is much appreciated!

From the Deacons

Please remember Pearl & Wigger Meindersma in your daily prayers this week.

On November 29, our mom, Clarice Noppers went home to be with her Lord at the age of 76 years. For the past 32 years she often worshiped in this church when she came to visit for special occasions and she appreciated the services and the people who made her feel at home on those days. Although she will be greatly missed by her family, she is in a far better place where she has no more pain or disease. At her memorial service, we began with the glorious music of the "Holy City" played by an organist and trumpeter and ended with selections from Revelations 21 and the music of "I Can Only Imagine." Pastor Mobach read and meditated on her favorite passage from Romans 8 which we had shared with her during her hospital stay. Throughout this service we celebrated her life through our words, special music and poetry and a special display. Thank you very much for your expressions of sympathy through your words and cards and the beautiful plant we received from the church. In this way you have shared in our sadness and reminded us of God's love.

Gwen and Henry, Carol and August and Harriet and families

We express our condolences to Carol and Albert De Waal with the sudden death of Carol’s mother on Wednesday. She was in hospital receiving diabetes related treatments when she had a heart attack and passed away. The funeral plans are set for Newfoundland on December 29th. May God comfort the family in his grace.

Congratulations to Ann Swier as she celebrates her 84th birthday today. May God continue to richly bless you today and in the coming year!

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tilly Biel, Lea Dykstra, Tena Ellen, Wigger Meindersma, Theresa Salomons, Ruth Sluys, and Ann Swier.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

Happy Birthday!

“A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him – The Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Sprit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord – and he will delight in the fear of the Lord.”

Isaiah 11:1-3a

December 21stAnn Swier, Christopher Wildeboer, Luke Patterson
26thFriedle Ebens
27thCheyenne Ebens, Shelby Ebens

A Big Thank You

goes out to all of those involved in the Children’s Christmas Worship Service. To Harriet Luymes for choosing, modifying and picking out music for the play. To Sue Wildeboer for directing and practicing with the cast each week, (for a month!). To the director’s helpers, Kendra and Megan Scholing, Alana Ebens, Taylor Duckett, Michelle and Stephanie Hoekstra. These girls practiced with a small group each week to run through lines, do dishes, and made sure everything ran smoothly. To Erin Vandenborn who babysat each week in the nursery. To Amberly Venhuis who very willingly played the piano, to the parents for donating the yummy snacks. To the Sunday School & Children in Worship teachers for practicing songs and lighting candles. To Dana and Cindy for preparing the program and to Fellowship Ministry Leadership Team for serving coffee, hot chocolate and treats. It was a pleasure working with each one of you. May the message you brought forth be shared with many and may you be blessed through your work.

The Education Ministry Leadership Team

A reminder from the church treasurer

Sunday, December 28th will be the last opportunity to contribute to church causes for 2008. Thank you from August Luymes.

Bethel Newsletter

The January 2009 edition of the Bethel Newsletter is in the planning stages and we are again looking for contributions from the congregation. We are always glad to receive your stories, poems, art, newspaper clippings etc. Our deadline for this month will be December 28th so we can compile our articles and have the first newsletter of the New Year in your mailboxes on January the 4th. Thanks for all your help in keeping the newsletter informative and fun to read. From the Newsletter editors, Laura Duckett, Harriet Luymes, Ann Wildeboer and Anita Geldof.

Bethel Youth News

Grab your mitts and your toques as once again Jr. and Sr. Youth and Young Adults will be gathering for an evening of fun and wild horse play. Today, December 21st after the evening worship service, Marvin and Jeanne Ebens will be hosting our annual sleigh ride. Please remember to dress appropriately and bring a small snack to share. For more information please contact Phil or Jeanne.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Rabbit Hill:

All teens, friends, parents and siblings are invited to come skiing and snowboarding at Rabbit Hill (the largest ski resort in Edmonton, look up www.rabbithill.com for directions)) on Saturday, January 3rd from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The cost is only $20.00 and includes rentals and lessons. (ski passes will not be accepted on this date) This was booked for your enjoyment by the churches in Leduc including Ebenezer CRC.


Bethel Cadet Bottle and Battery Drive

will be held on January 10th. If anyone has any bottles or batteries that you would like cleaned up don’t hesitate to call any of the Cadet counselors and we would be happy to collect whatever it is that you have.

Denominational News


We hear about horrible things in our world every day. Innocent children killed by gang shoot outs, families held hostage--in our divided society, hate drives many actions. Where does this evil come from? What hope and understanding can the Christmas story bring to our conflicted and evil filled world? Find out on the December 28th Back to God Hour. Go to www.BacktoGod.net for local stations and times.


Liz thinks he deserves the perfect present. What will he do if he doesn’t get it? Tune into this week’s Kids Corner to find out. Kids Corner is a member of the HisKids.net alliance--working together to provide quality entertainment for kids that is Christ-centered and Bible-based. Visit HisKids.net to find great Christian programs and music for kids.

Persecuted Church


On December 12, Pastor Jean Carlos Salazar (30), his wife, Ingrid Higuera (33), and their young daughter were brutally murdered by suspected satanic cult members. At approximately 3:30 a.m., neighbours of the Salazars noticed that the family's home was in flames and phoned the fire department. When the fire officials arrived, they found the bodies of the Christians. The assailants reportedly also painted satanic slogans on the walls. Pastor Salazar was a preacher at the World Centre of Peace church and was well-known in the area. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of these Christians. Pray that those responsible will repent and seek God's forgiveness.

SCHEDULE THIS WEEK – December 21st

Offering: Diaconal Ministries Canada

Ushers: Rod Venhuis & Ken Salomons

Lift Operator: Ralph Bos

Sound:a.m. Travis p.m. Wayne

Power Point:a.m. Thomas p.m. Jennifer

Greeters: Jim & Wannetta Brander, Gerald & Nellie Keitel

Coffee: Wayne & Jackie Bouwman, Bryan & Yvonne Noordhof, Herman & Betty Scholing

M.O.M. Sue
a.m. Gaylene Tenbrinke, Herman Scholing, Kristen Van Stryland, Jordan Van Stryland, Jeremiah Rosendal
p.m. Harriet Luymes, Brett Vandenborn

Preschool Helpers:
3 & 4 yr. olds:
Sarah Stad
4 & 5 yr. olds: Kendra Scholing


Offering: Immanuel Home

Ushers: Craig Van Stryland & Peter Zuidhof

Lift Operator: Herman Scholing Sr.

Sound:a.m. Henry E.

Power Point:a.m. Michelle

Greeters: Teus & Marja Vander Vlis, Bill & Audrey Noordhof

Coffee: Gerry & Pita Doornenbal, Ralph & Pauline Bos, Craig & Marcella Van Stryland

M.O.M. Sue
a.m. Melanie Wildeboer, Ken Tenbrinke, Stephanie Bouwman, Rob deRegt, Patrick Bouwman

SCHEDULE NEXT WEEK – December 28th

Offering: Loaves and Fishes

Ushers: Rod Duckett & Bryan Noordhof

Lift Operator: Bill Noordhof

Sound:a.m. Henry G

Power Point:a.m. Kristen

Greeters: Henry & Joan Eisses, Clarence & Doreen Kits

Coffee: Ken & Trudy Salomons, Marvin & Jeanne Ebens, Rod & Laura Duckett

M.O.M. Sue
a.m. Ina Jackson, John de Regt, Alana Ebens, Paul Vandyk, Ryan Noort

Preschool Helpers:
3 & 4 yr. olds:
Michelle Hoekstra
4 & 5 yr. olds: Stephanie Bouwman

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, December 21st

Jr. Sr. Youth and Young Adults Hay Ride at the Ebens’ after the evening service

Wednesday, December 25th

10:30 a.m. Christmas Day Service