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SCHEDULE THIS WEEK – November 15th

Offering: Coffee Break Ministries

Ushers: Bryan Noordhof & Peter Prins

Lift Operator: Herman Scholing Jr.

Sound:a.m. Thomas p.m. Ian

Power Point:a.m. Jennifer p.m. Jessica

Greeters:Jim & Wannetta Brander, Alex & Ann Wildeboer

Coffee: Scott & Irene Fraser, Herman & Betty Scholing, Henry & Joan Eisses

M.O.M. Carina
a.m. Barb Vandyk, John de Regt Jr., Nicole Stol, Corinna Prins, Nathan Scholing-Williams
p.m. Anita Swier & Justin Noort

Preschool helpers:
3 & 4 year olds –
Michelle Hoekstra
4 & 5 year olds – Jessica Bouwman

SCHEDULE NEXT WEEK – November 22nd

Offering: Tuition Relief

Ushers: Rod Venhuis & Ken Salomons

Lift Operator: Simon Swier

Sound:a.m. Thomas p.m. Steven

Power Point:a.m. Michelle p.m. Jordan

Greeters:Clarence & Doreen Kits, Bill & Audrey Noordhof

Coffee: Rid & Barb Venhuis, Paul & Cindy Prins, Harry & Dorothy Wildeboer

M.O.M. Carina
a.m. Pauline Bos, Jan Zuidhof, Blair van Gyssel, Heather Van Stryland, Erin Vandenborn
p.m. Betty Scholing, Michael Szelekovszky

Preschool helpers:
3 & 4 year olds –
Meaghan Noort
4 & 5 year olds – Taylor Duckett

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, November 15th

8:30 p.m. Young Peoples at the Bouwman’s

Monday, November 16th

7:30 p.m. Friendship Group meets

Tuesday, November 17th

7:30 p.m. Tuesday Night Youth

Wednesday, November 18th

9:00 a.m. Coffee Break potluck breakfast
Study lesson #1 of Genesis, Creation and Covenant

7:00 p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Club will sing at the Seniors’ lodge with a meeting to follow in the church

7:00 p.m. Cadets

7:30 p.m. Pastoral Elders meet

7:30 p.m. Men’s Praise team practice

Thursday, November 19th

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

3:45 p.m. GEMS themed evening

Advance Notice:

Thursday, November 26th

7:30 p.m. Congregational meeting