SCHEDULE THIS WEEK – February 21st

Offering: Tuition Relief

Ushers: Rod Venhuis & Peter Prins

Lift Operator: Simon Swier

Sound: a.m. Scott p.m. Henry E.

Power Point: a.m. Justin p.m. Michelle

Greeters: Frank & Debby van Iperen, Clarence & Doreen Kits

Coffee: Walter & Ella Land, Herman & Betty Scholing, Brad & Dawna Larson

M.O.M. Gayle
a.m. Debby van Iperen, Don Wildeboer, Stephanie Hoekstra, Kyle Scholing, Russell Ebens
p.m. Cora Stol, August Luymes

Preschool helpers:
3 & 4 year olds –
Kendra Scholing
4 & 5 year olds – Martha Stad

SCHEDULE NEXT WEEK – February 28th

Offering: Krista Prins - YWAM

Ushers: Bryan Noordhof & Peter Zuidhof

Lift Operator: Ernie Stebner

Sound: a.m. Steven p.m. Thomas

Power Point: a.m. Thomas p.m. Rick

Greeters: Brain & Ina Jackson, Bryan & Yvonne Noordhof

Coffee: Henry & Anita Geldof, Devon & Rosanne Bangma, Marvin & Jeanne Ebens

M.O.M. Gayle
a.m. Dorothy Wildeboer, Ed Stol, Meaghan Noort, Jeremiah Rosendal, Ryan Swier
p.m. Dana van Gyssel, Nicole Stol

Preschool helpers:
3 & 4 year olds –
Alana Ebens
4 & 5 year olds – Stephanie Hoekstra

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, February 21st

8:30 p.m. Young Peoples Bible study

8:30 p.m. Young Adults will meet

Monday, February 22st

7:30 p.m. Friendship Club

7:30 p.m. Mexico Mission meeting

Tuesday, February 23rd

9:30 a.m. Senior’s Club

7:30 p.m. Tuesday Nite Youth

Wednesday, February 24th

9:30 p.m. Coffee Break and Story Hour
Study lesson #11 of Genesis, Creation & Covenant

7:30 p.m. Pastoral Elders meet

Thursday, February 25th

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

7:00 p.m. Dana’s TNY group movie night/discussion

Sunday, February 28th

10:30 a.m. Celebration of the Lord’s Supper