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2010-04-25 April 25 Bulletin

Our Church Family

Congratulations to Donald and Amaris Wildeboer as a beautiful baby girl was born to them this past Wednesday. Taylah Megan is her name and everyone is doing fine.

This past Monday Cameron Dowling had a seizure and then went into cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital in very serious condition. Cathy, Curt and Amy flew to Vancouver on Tuesday to be with him. On Wednesday evening he died with his family by his side. May our Lord Jesus be near to the family and comfort them in this difficult time.

Harry Wildeboer remains in hospital recovering from broken ribs. May God be near to him and the family.

Congratulations to Pearl Datema as she celebrates her 91st birthday this coming Thursday, April 29th. May God bless you with a special day of celebration and be with you in the coming year.

We are thankful that Evelyn Eisses has agreed to work at Bethel again this summer as our “Worship and Ministry coordinator.” She finishes her studies at Rocky Mountain College at the end of April and plans to start here the first week of May.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tilly Biel, Lea Dykstra, Wigger Meindersma, Theresa Salomons and Herman Scholing Sr.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

Bethel News

Next Sunday, May 2nd

We begin a series on Stewardship and intentional giving. Our giving to God grows out of realizing how much we have first received from him. In the evening we will look at the Letter of Philippians and “Christian Joy.” Pastor Mike will lead the services.

From the Deacons - Operation Manna:

“The Church across Canada serving its neighbors in love.” Today, you will find a brochure in your mailbox highlighting how your gifts for Operation Manna will be used to show love to people across Canada. Giving is one way for everyone to be involved in transforming lives. You will also read about how other churches and volunteers have become directly involved in community ministry through Operation Manna. Please take some time this week to read about, and pray for, these ministries and for the offering that will take place next week.

Highway Clean-up:

The annual highway clean-up is scheduled for May 1st. We will be giving our proceeds to Krista and Steven and we will also be helping our youth with YC. All who are going to YC from Bethel can reduce their Hotel bill by $50 if they help with the highway clean-up. We will be having a hot lunch provided at the clean-up as well as refreshments during the day. The training will take place TODAY immediately following the am service so we can get an earlier start on the clean-up day. In past years we have been blessed with many Bethel members helping out with this event and hope that dedication will continue. If you are planning on coming out please contact Wayne at 403-348-7214 or bouwmanwj@shaw.ca

Summer PreSchool Sunday School Teachers Needed.

We are looking for volunteer teachers and helpers so that we can run a summer program for the younger children during the service during June, July and August. We ask that each parent of pre-school aged children volunteer to teach at least one week this summer in order for this program to run. A sign up sheet is located on the back foyer table, so please volunteer to help out for a week. If no one signs up for a week, Pre-School Sunday School will be cancelled that week.

Bridal Shower

Leanne Bos (daughter of Ralph & Pauline) and Luke Giles plan to marry on May 28th in Bethel church. We will be hosting a grocery shower for them on Friday, April 30 at 7:00 pm. Please bring a copy of your favorite recipe and a few of the ingredients to go with it. Ladies and girls, come for an evening of fun, food & fellowship.

Bethel Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed reading our last book. There was a lot of information there from the council. Good thing you have a whole month to read it. If you can believe it, the month is almost over and it is time for the team to work on the May issue. We will focus on Mother's Day for any special contributions you would like to make. They are always welcome! Just email it to any of the team members or put it in the newsletter mailbox. Thanks so much! Laura Duckett, Harriet Luymes, Ann Wildeboer and Anita Geldof

Bethel Youth News

Ball Hockey Anyone?

Todayat 2 p.m., Bethel Young Peoples will be hosting a ball hockey tournament for high school students and young adults. Make sure you bring your own hockey stick. After the tourney there will be supper provided at Bethel and a youth service to follow. Donations will be accepted and will go towards the support of our sponsor child, Bijoy. Hope you can come!

Tuesday Nite Youth

Will meet for the last time this year on Tuesday, April 27th. Dana and Brad’s groups will meet here at the church at 6:30 p.m. Theresa and Wayne’s groups will meet at the church at 7 p.m. Pastor Mike’s group is meeting at Boston Pizza at 7:30 p.m.

Attention Young Adults!

Coming soon to a mountain location near you! A retreat on May 28-30 at Amethyst hotel in Jasper, AB. with great food, lots of activities, hot tubs, free Starbucks coffee house, and a fantastic speaker and worship band - all for only $100.00! See the poster on the youth bulletin board in the fellowship hall. Get a registration form from Wayne, Dana or go to www.canyouthministry.com website. RSVP by May 10th! Bring a friend


Volunteer opportunity - The Lacombe Foodbank

Is in need of a person who is willing and able to spend about 2 hours on Tuesday mornings to do the pick-up at two grocery stores. If you are interested please call Gerry Doornenbal for more information.

The Friendship group

Will hold their Year end Banquet on April 26th at 6:30 p.m. in the Central Alberta Christian High School gym.

Annual Gideon Banquet

Today is the last day to reserve your tickets to the Annual Gideon Banquet. There will be great food, music, testimonies, and news about the important work the Gideons do around the world. The banquet is this Saturday, May 1st at 6 p.m. in the CACHS gym. Speak to Henry Eisses or Ray and Eleanor Merkus for more information. Hope to see you there!

Gearing up for Rehoboth Camp…one more time!

Many thanks to those who helped at out at our first work bee. We’re now on our final stretch. Our last work bee this spring will be April 28 at 9:00 a.m.. Even an hour or two is very much appreciated! Lunch will be provided. Call Hidde or Jackie at 403-782-7071 for more information

Denominational News

Get Help With Ministry Programs

Ever wondered how other churches do their ministries? Now you can find out. On the CRC's new Network website you can ask questions, get advice, and find support from people across the CRC who are doing ministry just like you. So whether you're a Sunday school teacher, deacon, worship leader, sound technician, prayer coordinator, or involved in any other area of ministry, there's a network for you. Post your questions on www.crcna.org/Network.

Positions Available - CRWRC

Has begun construction of 900 transitional shelters and will soon begin building 720 permanent homes for earthquake survivors in Haiti. To assist with this process, CRWRC is hoping to hire three new staff members (a project manager, construction manager, and finance and administration manager). Priority will be given to qualified applicants who are currently living or have in the past lived in Haiti. For more information, please visit www.crwrc.org or contact Doreen at dhoogvliets@crwrc.org.

Take Action On Refugee Reform

For the past 30 years, Christian Reformed churches have been helping refugees and refugee families build a new life for themselves in Canada. Recently, the Canadian government tabled legislation (Bill C-11) to reform the refugee system. While there is much to celebrate in this bill, there are also issues that cause us concern. To learn more and take action, please visit www.crwrc.org.

Volunteer In Haiti

Christian Reformed Ministries in Haiti (Sous Espwa) are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator with great organizational skills to collaborate with their team in engaging North American volunteers in various aspects of relief efforts. Main tasks include development of opportunities, all facets of visits as well as providing guidelines and support to visitors. Preference given to those who can speak French and/or Creole and able to commit to a 6 month placement. Intrigued to know more or want to apply? Contact volunteer@crcna.org or call 800.730.3490

The Persecuted Church


A 19-year-old Christian, Daniel Shahri, remains in detention after he was arrested by officers in Isfahan. On April 11th, plain-clothes officers from the Ministry of Information arrived at Daniel's home, pretending they had a letter to deliver. Once the door was opened, the officers stormed inside the house. Discovering that Daniel was not home, the officers confiscated his personal belongings, including his computer, DVD player, DVDs and CDs, cell phone and books. Daniel's sister was then forced to phone him and ask him to come home. When he arrived, the officers arrested him and took him to an unknown location. On April 14th, Daniel was finally able to contact his parents, who are both blind and have physical disabilities, and inform them that he was charged with "publishing falsities and insults to the Muslim faith." He also reported that he was being held at Dastgard prison. Pray for health and safety for Daniel at this time. Pray that they will be released soon and that all charges will be dropped. Pray that increased persecution will result in increased boldness among believers in Iran (Acts 4:29-31).

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