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Welcome to worship this last Sunday of May as we gather in the presence of the Lord by the power of the Spirit to offer God our worship and praise. Do stay for fellowship and refreshments after the service.

10:30 A.M. Worship Service

Gathering songs: Carol De Waal

Welcome and announcements

The Opening

*Call to Worship

*God greets us & we greet one another

*Opening song: PH 95
Now with Joyful Exultation vs. 1-3

Confession & Assurance

Confession: God’s Law

Assurance of Pardon

Song of Thanksgiving: PH 108
My Heart Is Firmly Fixed vs. 1-5

Commissioning of Evelyn Eisses

Song of Celebration: WHM 420
All the Way my Savior Leads Me

Children’s Message: Peter Rosendal

Children’s Song:
God is So Good

Pre-school children are dismissed

The Word

Scripture reading: Daniel 1

Text: Daniel 1:8

Message: The Courage of our Conviction

Treasure Seekers are dismissed

The Response

*Song of Response: Today

Congregational prayer

1st – General Fund
2nd – Christian Reformed World Missions

Story of Thankfulness – Olga

Song: PH 556
Great is Thy Faithfulness

Intentional giving - Estimated giving forms

The Closing


*Closing song: PH 185
I Will Extol You, O My God

7:30 P.M. Worship Service

Welcome & announcements

Call to Worship:

*God’s greeting

Confession of Faith: Apostles’ Creed

Time of Praise: Cootje Voorbij

Time of Prayer

Offering for Christian Reformed World Missions

Scripture reading: 2 Thessalonians 2

Text: 2 Thessalonians 2:1

Message: The Great Day of the Lord

*Song of Response: PH 614
Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders


*Closing song: PH 96
Sing to the Lord, Sing His Praise vs. 1,2,6