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2011-01-09 January 9 Bulletin

Our Church Family

Congratulations to John Stol with his 70th birthday on January 11th and Lawrence Sackmann with his 81st birthday on January 12th. May God bless you both with a good day of celebration with family and friends.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tony & Henny Middag, Ann Vander Wal, Tilly Biel and Lea Dykstra

Remember our missionaries around the world. 

Bethel News

Next Sunday January 16th 

we will have the first youth service of 2011. Youth Elder Wayne Bouwman will lead the service and bring the message. Pastor Mike is leading the installation service for Pastor William Delleman as the new Pastor of Ponoka Sonrise CRC. In the evening we read from Ephesians 4 where it warns us not to make the Holy Spirit sad. Pastor Mike will lead our worship.

Yearbook 2011 of the Christian Reformed denomination 

Is now available. We do order copies for church use, but if you would like to order a copy for yourself at a cost of $10 - $15, please contact the church secretaries at 403-782-6400 or bchurch2@telus.net before January 31st.

Hearty Meals: 

I am updating the Hearty Meals Phone list again. If you would be willing to provide a meal, once or twice a year, to a family in need please let me know so I can add you to the list. I would love to have a few more people on the list. Also, if you feel you don’t have time or you are not able to make a meal, please let me know so I can take you off of the list.

Thank you, Debby van Iperen.

Bethel Youth News

Young Peoples: 

Just a quick reminder for everyone to read Chapter 4 in your 'Crazy Love' book to be ready to discuss in the Bible study next week Sunday.

Tuesday Nite Youth 

will meet this coming Tuesday, January 11th. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Bethel Cadets: 

Our first meeting of 2011 will be this Wednesday, January 12th at 7 p.m.

Young Adults 

will meet after the evening service on January 16 for a Bible Study. All Young Adults are welcome to come out and dive into Galatians. This is our last lesson in Galatians so we will be picking a new study to continue us into the new year. Come out and enjoy some fellowship with your fellow young adults!

Young Adults: 

Are you interested in hiking? That is hiking for a whole week? Well, this summer there is opportunity for you to be part of the West Coast Trail hike. The West Coast Trail is a 75 km long backpacking trail following the south-western edge of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It was built in 1907 to facilitate the rescue of survivors of shipwrecks along the coast, part of the treacherous Graveyard of the Pacific. It is now part of Pacific Rim National Park and is often rated as one of the world’s top hiking trail. No dates or time has been set yet, but will be discussed and planned with those who are interested. However, plans need to be made soon. So if you are at all interested in this hike, you need to contact Ken Vis at 780.489.7802 or at covcrcedpastor@uniserve.com. There are however only a limited number of spaces available.

Denominational News

myCRC Question of the Week: 

"What comes to mind when you hear the word 'Reformed'?" This is just one of five questions on myCRC - a project to capture stories, experiences, and perspectives on being Christian Reformed. Already, we've collected some great perspectives on being 'Reformed'! See what others have written and share your responses at www.crcna.org/myCRC

Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee: 

Did you know... that the CRC is a member of KAIROS, an ecumenical organization that speaks out about social justice issues? This year KAIROS is focusing on the need for Canada to restore just relationships with Aboriginal communities. Become a part of restoring justice to our Native neighbors through prayer and action. Learn more at www.kairoscanada.org.

The Persecuted Church


At least 21 people were killed and 90 wounded on January 1st, when a bomb outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, exploded as congregants were leaving a New Year's Eve Mass. The explosion ripped through the crowd shortly after midnight. Witnesses reported a driver parked a car at the entrance of the church and then ran away seconds before it exploded. Government officials say they found remnants of the bomb, filled with nails and other makeshift shrapnel, at the site; they suspect an unidentified suicide bomber, rather than a car bombing. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the attack comes two months after an Islamic group known as the Islamic State of Iraq issued a threat, stating "All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers are legitimate targets for the muhajedeen wherever they can reach them." Pray the Lord will give grace and strength to the injured and the loved ones of the dead. Pray they will keep their eyes on Jesus, persevere in the faith and not grow weary or lose heart. Pray those in authority will be spurred on to bring about justice and protection for Christians in Egypt.

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