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2011-01-16 January 16 Bulletin

Our Church Family

Many of you have been praying for the safety of Steven Szelekovszky with the extreme flooding in Brisbane, Australia. Steven is safe and thankful for your prayers. You can find an update from him in your church mailbox today.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tony & Henny Middag, Ann Vander Wal, Tilly Biel and Lea Dykstra.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

Bethel News

Next Sunday, January 23rd

We welcome our friends from the Friendship group as they take part in our service. We also have the privilege of witnessing the baptism of Isaac Weenink as Adam and Tessa present him before the Lord. In the evening we affirm our confession that “God created the world.” Pastor Mike will lead our worship.

Thank You

As a church, we would like to say thank you to Amaris Wildeboer for being the Nursery coordinator for the past 4 years. This is a big job and we appreciate the work she has done. Amaris is being replaced by a Nursery team consisting of Jessica Heidelberg, Roseanne Bangma, Amy Dowling, Carina Tenbrinke, and Gayle Vreugdenhil.

Snow removal 

Nathan Scholing-Williams has taken on the job of clearing snow from the church sidewalks with the help of Art, Carter & Judy. He’s been kept busy the last little while with all the snow we’ve had! James Wildeboer has been keeping our parking lot clear as well and we thank them both for the work they do for us.

Hearty Meals: 

I am updating the Hearty Meals phone list again. If you would be willing to provide a meal, once or twice a year, to a family in need please let me know so I can add you to the list. I would love to have a few more people on the list. Also, if you feel you don’t have time or you are not able to make a meal, please let me know so I can take you off of the list.

Thank you, Debby van Iperen.

Yearbook 2011 of the Christian Reformed denomination 

Is now available. We do order copies for church use, but if you would like to order a copy for yourself at a cost of $10 - $15, please contact the church secretaries at 403-782-6400 or bchurch2@telus.net before January 31st.

February Newsletter: 

The month of January is already half over - so the newsletter team is starting to work on the next edition. February - the month where we celebrate the gift of love. Anyone who has contributions for the newsletter is asked to have it in to any one on the team or in the mailbox by January 25th. We love to hear from the different ministry teams. Let us know how things are going. What can we pray for? What can we give thanks for? Or if you want to let the church family know how your Bible study is going - we would love to hear. What are you learning? How is your faith growing? Or, do you have a special piece that celebrates God's love for His people? Share with us so our church family can be informed, encouraged and grow together in love for each other and the Lord. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Newsletter team, Laura Duckett, Harriet Luymes, Ann Wildeboer, Anita Geldof.

Bethel Youth News

Young Peoples 

Will meet after the evening service today for a Bible study at Rob de Regt’s home. Remember to bring your “Crazy Love” books and a donation to sponsor our child, Bijoy!

Young Adults 

Will meet after this evening’s service for a Bible study. All young adults are welcome to come out and dive into Galatians. This is our last lesson in Galatians so we will be picking a new study to continue us into the new year. Come out and enjoy some fellowship with your fellow young adults!

Tuesday Nite Youth 

Will meet this coming Tuesday, January 18th. Doors open at 7 p.m.


Just to remind all the GEMS that Thursday, January 20th is the Father/Daughter Night. The evening will start at 7 p.m. So grab your fathers, uncles, brothers, grandpas and come on out for a night of fun, fellowship, and food!!!

Youth Mexico Mission

There is a Youth Mexico Mission meeting this coming Thursday, January 20th at 7:00 p.m.

YC ALBERTA 2011 "Hear the Sound."

Join us for a great weekend on May 27 - May 29, 2011, for Canada's largest multi-denominational youth conference. It’s a weekend that is designed to inspire and equip youth to live radically for Jesus. The theme and the goal is to hear what God is saying to this generation and to see this generation mobilized for His purposes. The worship, the concerts, and the speakers are all part of three amazing days. For a complete list of speakers, bands and entertainment options visit the website, www.ycalberta.com or look up YC Alberta on Facebook. If you are in grade 9-12 it’s time to start planning for this event. Tickets for YC are $140.00 and must be pre-ordered. The section reservation that we have taken part in over the last few years is no longer an option. Tickets can be reserved with a $75.00 deposit and must be booked by February 13, 2011. Any young adults wanting to order tickets are welcome to do so as well. Please keep in mind that costs for the accommodations, bus and food are on top of the registration fee so saving for the rest is very important. There is plenty of time so start now! If you have any questions about this weekend please contact Wayne or Dana.

Young Adults: 

Are you interested in hiking? That is hiking for a whole week? Well, this summer there is opportunity for you to be part of the West Coast Trail hike. The West Coast Trail is a 75 km long backpacking trail following the south-western edge of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It was built in 1907 to facilitate the rescue of survivors of shipwrecks along the coast, part of the treacherous Graveyard of the Pacific. It is now part of Pacific Rim National Park and is often rated as one of the world’s top hiking trail. No dates or time has been set yet, but will be discussed and planned with those who are interested. However, plans need to be made soon. So if you are at all interested in this hike, you need to contact Ken Vis at 780.489.7802 or at covcrcedpastor@uniserve.com. There are however only a limited number of spaces available.

The Persecuted Church

North Korea 

Five North Koreans were shot dead and two others wounded by North Korean border guards on the Chinese side of the border when they tried to flee North Korea, a source said January 9th. The high-level source in Changbai in the Chinese province of Jilin said the seven individuals left Hyesan, Yanggang Province, and walked across the frozen Apnok (or Yalu) River and reached the Chinese side on December 14th. Five of them died instantly under intense gunfire by North Korean border guards who ran after them. The two others were wounded and taken to the North. North Korean border guards have never before shot at defectors once they reached the Chinese side. Observers say guards must have new instructions for dealing with defectors. Leader Kim Jong Il's son and heir, Kim Jong Un, has apparently ordered border guards to shoot anyone who crosses the border rivers without permission. He also reportedly said he would not tolerate defectors crossing the border. Reportedly, North Korean border guards are now armed with an AK-47 rifles with 40 reserve shells and hand grenades. While there is no reason to suspect that those who were killed were Christian, certainly everyone who crosses the border illegally will be impacted by this shocking change in security measures. In the upcoming February 2011 VOM newsletter, you will meet Sister Yang, a North Korean defector, and hear of her life of hardship and her encounter with Jesus Christ. You'll also learn how VOM is involved in helping fellow believers in the "Hermit Kingdom." You can also view a recent video report at www.persecution.tv/uu. Please pray that those living in hopelessness in this restrictive nation will find hope in Christ. Pray for believers in North Korea who follow Jesus at great risk. Pray for all those in authority in this nation; ask the Lord to open their eyes to the wisdom, compassion and the light of the gospel. Pray Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un will repent of their evil deeds and turn to Jesus for forgiveness.

Denominational News


Starts 2011 with a difficult, urgent challenge: After 20 years of receiving contributions from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), CRWRC learned in late December that its current funding proposal was turned down. This was not the result of a lack of confidence in CRWRC's programs, but rather a change in CIDA's application process. While CRWRC will apply again in March, there is a $1.1 million gap in CRWRC's budget for this year. This may result in cuts to key development programs with people in poverty. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to CRWRC’s "Harvest Hope" campaign to help close this funding gap. You can make a donation and find out more on CRWRC’s website at www.crwrc.org/harvesthope or by calling 800-730-3490.

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