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2011-10-23 October 23 Bulletin

Welcome to Bethel this Sunday as we gather together to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to celebrate his grace. Special welcome to Pastor Nic Wolmarans from Covenant CRC in Rocky Mountain House who will lead our service this morning.

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Our Church Family

Please remember our church family in your daily prayers at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Continue to remember those young and old with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles.

Congratulations to Lea Dykstra with the celebration of her 82nd birthday on October 29th. May God bless you and be near to you on your birthday and in the coming year.

Tony Middag was admitted to the Lacombe hospital for a few days to assist his breathing.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Tony & Henny Middag, Ann Vander Wal, Tilly Biel and Lea Dykstra.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

From Pastor Peter Sluys: 

I will be moving to Edmonton this week Friday, October 28th. My new address is Emmanuel Home, 13425 57 St., Room 223, Edmonton, AB T5A 2G1. New phone: 780-705-5490. The email address will remain the same: prsluys@shaw.ca. From my heart I am thanking those of you who showed your caring after Ruth passed away almost 2 years ago. Friends invited me and some came and visited me - even a few young mothers with babies. I very much appreciated it when any of you came by for a cup of coffee with cake (which I did not make!) and a chat and prayer, and I enjoyed the good meals you favoured me with and the encouragements you have shown. Personally I have also experienced that God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit has guided me through with peace and His strength. He is real, folks, really real! Now He has opened another door for me that will allow me to live closer to some of my children. Liz with her husband and two young boys live only a "few stone throws" away of about a 12 minute drive and it is only halfway to Neerlandia from Lacombe so that we can be with each other more often which our children as well as I are very much looking forward to. I just love that the more since Ruth went to Jesus. But it still is not easy for me to move again. I have lived here for about 16 years and Ruth did about 14. For each of us that was the longest in our personal lifetimes that we stayed in one place together. And so we go ahead with trust in the Lord that He will make the future meaningful for us all and enjoy each other as family is closer by! The Lord be praised! It is my hope and continued prayer that our Savior and Lord will continue to bless all of you and keep creatively drawing others to the Lord through you since Jesus said that we as believers in Him are the salt of the world in which you and I live and are also the light of the world thru His redemption and the working of the Holy Spirit in us. (Matthew 5:13-16.) Praise the Lord!

Bethel News

Next Sunday, October 30th 

Elder Wayne Bouwman will lead our morning service and Elder Henry Eisses will lead a “Reading Service” in the evening. Pastor Mike & Barb are on holiday in Southern Illinois visiting with family for a few days.

Classis Report: 

Classis Alberta North met in regular session October 19th and 20th at the St Albert CRC. Pastor John Ooms served as chairman and led us through a light schedule. The main item of discussion was Classical finances. A surplus of funds has kept our Classical ministry share amount artificially low ($66 per person). We have now almost used up the surplus so the per member cost will need to rise in 2013 in order to cover the cost of Classical ministries like the Chaplain at the University of Alberta (Rick Van Mannen) and our Classical Youth Ministry Consultant (Ron De Vries). A fruitful two hour discussion led to some good ideas being shared and the CIC will come back to individual church Councils with definite proposals that can be discussed and will then be acted on in the Spring Classis meeting.

Here are some other fun details from Classis:

1. Pastor Victor Ko shared that worship attendance is around 100 people on Sundays at the Mosaic house church plant. At this point some members are already thinking of starting another church plant. What vision.

2. CRWRC is looking for a new, more engaging and informative name for itself. Maybe they could just try spelling the present name backwards.

3. The Edmonton Native Healing Center invites you for bannock lunch any Wednesday. Try it.

4. Classis Northern Alberta churches are the highest contributors to CRWRC at $700,000 this year. That is $200,000 more than the next highest Classis.

5. Our own August Luymes was mentioned as doing great work as an Elder delegate to Synod this summer and our own Dana van Gyssel was thanked for joining the team and helping at the Classical level with the important work of the Safe Church Team.

It was good to gather with the other pastors and elders to pray together and to celebrate the good things God does through our churches working together.

Delegates Pastor Mike and Henry Eisses

From the LET (Leadership Evaluation Team -- formerly PET) 

The evaluation forms have been sent out or put in mailboxes of those who the LET contacted this past week. If you have not received your copy or are missing something from your package, please contact one of the LET members – August Luymes, Sue Wildeboer & Jan Zuidhof. A quick reminder that the evaluations are due back by Monday, October 24th. Thanks!!

Breakforth Canada 

will be held January 27th to 29th, 2012 in Edmonton. This is the largest worship equipping & renewal conference in North America. You can register early right now for a $40 savings on the total registration fee. Please talk to Cindy Prins today (403-748-2824) if you are interested in early registration – the deadline for our church is this week. Check out the information flyers on the table in the front foyer for a listing of seminars & events at Breakforth 2012.

Pianists & organists: 

Just a reminder that the music binders and their pages must not be removed from the sanctuary and the photo copy room. Please photocopy any pages that you need from the binders or borrow a WHM book or Psalter Hymnal from the sanctuary and replace it when the service or your meeting is finished. Pages from the WHM binder have been found several times in the foyer, sanctuary and fellowship hall, far from their home base in the photo copy room. Thank you!

Living Members 

will meet today after the evening worship service at the home of Arnie & Sherry Tenbrinke. Study Lesson #6.

Mr. and Mrs. Club 

will be having a pot luck supper on Monday the 24th at 6 pm. at the Doornenbals. We come together to wish Peter Sluys the Lord's blessing as he moves into his new home at Immanuel in Edmonton.

November Newsletter: 

In the month of November we spend some time remembering. We are again reminded of how blessed we are in this free land of ours. As we watch the news and read our bulletins we are made aware again and again of how many people do not enjoy the same freedoms that we have. We will spend a little time on this in the November newsletter. If you have any articles to include on this topic we would love to hear from you. As well, we look forward to hearing from the different groups and ministries as they start up again. We look forward to hearing from the council as well as all the different ministry teams. Please take the time to send us a few lines that we can include so our congregation is informed and able to pray for you. Please place your contributions either in the newsletter mail box or send them by email to any of the following addresses. Please do not send them to the church secretaries. We look forward to hearing from you. Harriet Luymes - haraug@gmail.com , Ann Wildeboer - awildeboer@xplornet.com and Anita Geldof - ahgeldof@shaw.ca.

Guess Who is Coming for Coffee 

The Fellowship Ministry Leadership Team is looking at the possibility of starting up this program in the new year. If you are interested in taking part in this interesting program where you either host some surprise guests or take part as one the guests we would love to hear from you. A sign up sheet is on the table in the foyer. This is a once a month thing where you either have some surprise company for coffee one evening or you go to someone’s house. Only those who do the planning know who will be getting together. A great fun way to get to know some new people in the congregation! Why not sign up today?

GEMS Fundraiser

The GEMS and their Counsellors are selling INDEYGO cookie dough and cinnamon/sticky buns. If you have not placed an order and would like to do so (or even if you have questions) please contact Jeanne Ebens, Wannetta Brander or any GEMS counsellor. The deadline for placing orders with payment is Friday, November 3. We thank you for your support.

Ladies Fun Night on Friday, November 4th

Come and join us, the GEMS Counsellors, as we host a fundraising dessert evening. We will be displaying Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and other products. We will also have Dutch Cheese order forms. Please join us in the Bethel Church Fellowship Hall starting at 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!!


An extension cord has gone missing - it was left in the church in mid-September on the downstairs coat rack. It has 3 outlets in a fan shape at the end and it was a heavy duty black +25' electrical cord. If you know its whereabouts, please contact Jennifer Zuidhof.

Bethel Youth News

Tuesday Nite Youth 

will be held on Tuesday, October 25th. Doors open at 7 p.m. See you there!

Young People’s 

will be gathering at the home of Jessica Bouwman after the evening service on November 6th. We will be discussing that evenings worship service topic.


The Canadian Foodgrains Bank 

harvest was really blessed as it harvested is canola crop west of Bentley. The total amount received for the harvest was $98,522. The Canadian government will donate 4 times this amount so that the Foodgrains Bank will have a total of $492,760 to help feed hungry people worldwide. Thanks be to God!

We are planning a Work bee for Mexico, November 7th through 16th. We will be fixing up a few of the houses in the neighbourhood of the Fuente de Vida Church. If you are interested, please contact August Luymes at 403-782-2572.

Central Alberta Christian High’s Harvest Fest 2011 

Presents: “Steve Stubblejumpski” a.k.a. Robert Saik. Steve, an old Ukrainian farmer is married to Stella and lives on a “mixed-up” farm near Doublebumps. Things will start with a silent auction beginning at 6:30 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. with dinner at 7:00 p.m. The evening’s entertainment begins at 9:00 pm. Donations for the silent auction can be dropped off at the school or phone the school for pick up. We also have some small wooden crates available to be filled with items for the Silent Auction. Donations can also be dropped off on Friday October 28th at the LMC by noon. Mark your calendars - Harvest Fest 2011 on Friday, October 28th at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 and are available from Ann at the school at 403-782-4535 or from Betty Scholing at 403-782-2701. See You There!

Denominational News

World Hunger Campaign 2011 – A Feast Fit for a King

Today, you will find a Devotional booklet in your church mailbox focusing on the World Hunger 2011 campaign. There are 3 weeks of weekday devotionals and 3 weekend activities for your family to focus on from now until November 13th when Bethel will have a special World Hunger Sunday. Make sure you take a look at this Devotional book with your families; it is a very worthwhile devotional resource and contains games & recipes from around the world as well.

Prayer Request

Right now, dozens of clusters of pastors and other leaders are gathering together across the U.S. and Canada to pray and collaborate on ways to bring renewal to the urban and spiritual decay found in their communities. Ask God to bless their efforts. www.crhm.org

Global Missions Webinar

November 2nd at 12 p.m. ET: Why Give a Tweet? Social media isn't just a fad anymore. If used right, it can enhance your church’s online presence with both visitors and members. But in the constantly changing social media world, it can be tough to know what technology to use and how to utilize it well. We’ll dive into the best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools as a way to enhance your ministry online. Presenter: Jerod Clark, Church Juice Project Leader. For information and registration go to www.crcna.org/MissionWebinars.

Volunteer as an Auto Mechanic!

Yes, we are looking for an auto mechanic to assist one of ServiceLink's partner ministries in repairing school busses used to transport Navajo children to a Christian school. Time commitment is a minimum of one week to a maximum of a few months. If this may be of interest to you and you're looking for additional information, please visit www.crcna.org/servicelink or contact us at volunteer@crcna.org

The Persecuted Church


The pastor of an Indonesian church established almost a quarter of a century ago has been arrested for allegedly forcing people to attend church. He faces up to three months in prison for the charges against him. His church has also been closed. Officials alleged that this Church was using an illegal building permit. Officials had previously asked the church to cease conducting Christian worship and had also requested that the church move its services into a building belonging to the Institute of Public Administration (IPND). An Indonesian Christian organization said the IPND cannot accommodate the congregations of any more closed churches, since about 14 churches have already been relocated to the building. At least 30 churches have been closed or burned in Indonesia this year alone, according to Jakarta Christian Communication Forum. Pray that Christian brothers and sisters in Indonesia would continue to find the means to worship despite church building closures and the arrest of church leaders. Please pray that God would multiply the faith and love of His followers in Indonesia in the face of persecution. Please pray that this church would be reopened and its pastor freed.

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