Schedule this week – December 11th

Offering: Mission support for the Horlings family

Ushers: Randy Wildeboer & Rod Venhuis

Lift Operator: Herman Scholing

Sound: a.m. Henry E. p.m. Thomas

Power Point: a.m. Daniel p.m. Diana

Greeters: Henry & Anita Geldof, Peter & Gerry Prins

Coffee:Pete & Cora Hoekstra, Henry & Joan Eisses, Pete & Polly Mooy

M.O.M. Erin Lewin
a.m. Jessica Heidelberg, Erin Lewin, Gord Bos, Colin Duckett, Brianna Venhuis, Russell Ebens
p.m. Jenny Tenbrinke, Alana Ebens

Preschool teacher & helpers: 
3 & 4 year olds:
 Mallory Ebens & Stephanie Hoekstra
4 & 5 year olds: Jen Zuidhof & Jessica Bouwman

Schedule next week – December 18th

Offering: Diaconal Ministries of Canada

Ushers: Craig Van Stryland & Peter Prins

Lift Operator: Clarence Kits

Sound: a.m. Travis p.m. Patrick

Power Point: a.m. Marcella p.m. Corinna

Greeters: Art & Judy Hazelhoff, Frank & Debby van Iperen

Coffee:Trent & Maddy Scholing, Craig & Marcella Van Stryland, Art & Judy Hazelhoff

M.O.M. Erin Lewin
a.m. Gayle Vreugdenhil, Ina Jackson,, Ken Tenbrinke, Amberly Venhuis, Rob de Regt, Kyle Scholing
p.m. Angela de Regt, Ryan Swier

Preschool teacher & helpers: 
3 & 4 year olds:
 Michelle & Diana Hoekstra
4 & 5 year olds: Mar-Deb de Regt & Brianna Venhuis

Weekly Calendar

Sunday, December 11th 

4:00 p.m. Children’s Christmas service

7:00 p.m. Young Peoples Bible study at the Vandenborns’

Monday, December 12th 

7:30 p.m. Friendship group

Tuesday, December 13th 

9:30 a.m. Seniors’ Club & Christmas dinner

7:30 p.m. TNY Movie Nite

Wednesday, December 14th 

9:30 a.m. Coffee Break & Story Hour Breakfast & Christmas Social

7:00 p.m. Cadets

7:30 p.m. Council executive

7:30 p.m. Praise Team practice for December 18th AM service

Thursday, December 15th 

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends supper

7:00 p.m. Sound Tech training

Sunday, December 18th 

12:30 p.m. Singles’ Christmas Luncheon