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2012-07-29 July 29 Bulletin

Our Church Family

Please remember our church family in your daily prayers at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Continue to remember those young and old with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles.

Ken and Jenny Tenbrinke were blessed with a baby girl Kalley Gia on Tuesday night. Kalley is good and healthy. The concern with her hand is what they expected. Ken and Jenny appreciate all the prayers and support from the congregation.

Do remember our seniors and shut ins in prayer: Albert & Tilly Biel, Lea Dykstra, Tony & Henny Middag, Lena Spelt, Grace Vander Veen and Ann Vander Wal.

Remember our missionaries around the world.

Bethel News

Next Sunday Aug 5th

We read from Matthew 20:1-16 and confront the false idea that we earn God’s favor and forgiveness. Actually God generously gives us grace as a free gift. In the evening we affirm another essential aspect of the Christian FAITH: that God Adopts (elects) us as his children. Pastor Mike will lead our worship.

Living Members 

Will be meeting at the home of Ralph and Pauline Bos right after the evening service for coffee on August 5th.

A huge thank you 

To everyone who helped with the Lacombe Days Events! With your help, the church float won first place in its category. Thank you!

Vacation Bible School: 

With just over a week until VBS starts, plans are well underway and the excitement is rising! Parents don’t forget to pre-register your children to save time on the first day. If you are still interested in helping with this ministry, we would love to have you. Please contact Kristin Van Stryland (403-783-3545) for information.

We have collected all the craft materials needed for VBS. Thank you to all who donated!

Bethel Youth

How’s your summer going? Need a break? Why not come out and have coffee with some of your youth leaders. We’re looking into having some fun in August and was wondering what you would like to do. Go to the beach, maybe a museum (Royal Tyrrell) or even Calaway Park. (haven’t been there in a while!) Meet at Kavachinno’s this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. to discuss what YOU would like to do. The possibilities are endless!! Anyone from grade 7 to young adult come out, we would love to see you. Dana and Wayne


CRWRC's 50th Anniversary

Save the Date! On Saturday evening, November 3, 2012 join CRWRC supporters from Western Canada in celebrating the ministry of CRWRC around the world over the last 50 years through food and fellowship. This event will be held at Covenant CRC in Edmonton. Tickets and full details will be available in early Fall.

Persecuted Church


Parliament has passed an amendment that says religious materials must have a state-issued verification mark before they can be sold. Those selling religious materials, literature in electronic or hard copy form as well as audio and video products, without the verification mark may face fines and confiscation of the materials. What is perhaps even more troubling to Christians in the country is that the amendments also allow authorities to confiscate the entire stock of unmarked products. All religious literature must be approved by the State Committee, which dictates the number of copies that may be printed or imported, checks the contents of shops selling religious literature, and maintains a list of banned religious literature. Pray that the gospel message will continue to spread throughout Azerbaijan despite attempts to restrict religious materials. Pray that those in authority will come to Christ and will respect religious freedom for all. Pray that Christians in Azerbaijan will rejoice in the opportunity to grow in Christlikeness through the ongoing opposition they face (James 1:2-4).

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