We Gather in God’s Presence

Gathering songs: Ann Wildeboer


*Call to Worship Litany

*God greets us and we greet one another

*Song: PH 239, LUYH 511 Amid the Thronging Worshippers

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Song of Approach: PH 263 Just As I Am

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Song of Thanksgiving: PH 311 I come With Joy to Meet My Lord

Children’s Message: Brad Lewin
Preschool children are dismissed for Sunday school

We Hear God’s Word

Prayer for the Spirit’s Illumination

Scripture: John 6:31-59

Message: Dietary Necessity

We Respond with Humble Gratitude

*Song of Response: PH 178, LUYH 871 What Shall I Render to the Lord

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Mission support for Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst

We Go Out to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Doxology: PH 453, LUYH 5 Let All Things Now Living


*Welcome & Announcements

*Call to Worship: Nehemiah 9:5b-6

*God’s Greeting: 2 Corinthians 13:14

*Confession of Faith: Apostles’ Creed

Songs of Praise: Henry Eisses

Share and Prayer

Offering: Mission support for

Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst

Scripture: Nehemiah 6:1-4

Message: A Great Work

*Songs of Response: PH 556, LUYH 348 Great is Thy Faithfulness


*Closing Song: PH 603, LUYH 928 Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service


This week’s offering is for Mission support for Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst. Albert and Carolyn Strydhorst are facing an exciting change in their ministry. Starting August 1st, they will be leaving the employment of CRWM and joining the Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLT) to oversee its international programs. They'll be living in Grand Rapids, since TLT is headquartered at Calvin Seminary. TLT was started by CRWM and Calvin Seminary about 15 years ago and has a fantastic track record of informal church leadership training in over 50 countries. It fits the Strydhorsts’ passion for church leadership development around the world, and seems a logical step in missionary service from Nigeria to West Africa to Calvin Seminary and now internationally.

Next week’s offering will be for the Lacombe Christian School. The goal of LCS is to provide our children with an education which is uniquely Christ-centred and which aims at the highest possible academic standards as well as stimulating spiritual growth and scriptural wisdom. To guide our children as God’s image-bearers in their social, emotional and psychological maturation within the spirit of Christ’s mandate to love one’s neighbour. To nurture self-esteem, motivate, and guide students in their preparation for and choice of a vocation for life time service in the Lord. The desire of LCS is to help our students to raise signposts of God's kingdom in this world and equip them to serve God and neighbour.