We Gather in God’s Presence

Gathering Songs: Praise team


*Called to Worship: Isaiah 9:2 Litany

*God greets us and we greet one another

*Song: PH 339, LUYH 56 Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

Lighting of the Third Advent Candle - Joy

Scripture Reading & Prayer

Song of Thanksgiving: PH 342, LUYH 78 Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Baptism of Cayden Rodney Giesbrecht

Song of Response: In Christ Alone

Children’s Message: Wayne Bouwman
Preschool children and Grades 1 & 2 are dismissed

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture: Luke 1:39-56

Message: He Shows Us His Favor

We Respond with Humble Gratitude

*Song of Response: PH 212, LUYH 383 My Spirit Glorifies the Lord
Treasure Seekers (Grades 3 to 6) are dismissed

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Ministry to Seafarers

We Go Out to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Doxology: LUYH 69 My Soul Cries Out With a Joyful Shout



*Call to Worship: Isaiah 9:2, John 8:12

* God’s Greeting

*Opening Song: WHM 152 O Holy Night

The Darkness

In this World

In and around Us

Reading: Psalm 88

Children of Darkness

Song: PH 328:1,4,6 LUYH 61

O Come, O Come, Immanuel


Prayer in the Darkness

God sends the Light

The Light of Jesus

Song: PH 343

Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light

The Light pushes back the darkness in Us

In this World

Song: PH 337, LUYH 92 Joy to the World

Prayer in the Light

We give our gifts: Ministry to Seafarers


*Closing Song: PH 325:1,2,3 Go Forth for God

“Prepare the Way” for Jesus

December 14th 

10:30 a.m. Luke 1:39-57 - He Shows Us His Favor

7:00 p.m. Candle Light Service

December 21st 

10:30 a.m. Luke 2:1-20 - He is Glorified

4:00 p.m. Children’s Christmas Program - The Symbols of Christmas

December 25th 

10:30 a.m. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 - Jesus the Word Become Flesh


This week’s offering is forThe Ministry to Seafarers. The Ministry to Seafarers (M2S) of the Christian Reformed Church is dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of seafarers visiting the Port of Montreal as well as the Port Metro Vancouver and Delta Port in British Columbia. M2S exists to be a seafarer's advocate and first line of support, to lend both a sympathetic ear and a helping hand, and assist in providing a safe, relaxing place that all seafarers can call their home-away-from-home. The people of our church support the Christmas at Sea program at the Vancouver Port and Ernst Devries, the chaplain there says it is a privilege to share the Good News with seafarers who arrive at Port Metro Vancouver and Delta Port. Especially at this time of year when they are able to distribute small gifts, including Christian literature and music, pointing to the true gift of Christmas – Jesus Christ – this is a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love with those who must spend Christmas working aboard the various cargo vessels far from home and family.

Next week’s offering is for Diaconal Ministries Canada. DMC exists to inspire, equip and encourage deacons, churches and their partners as they join in God’s transforming work in communities.

Reminder: World Renew invites you to follow God into the lives of the poor this Christmas. Give a gift that has The Power to Put Things Right: Help one more family gain access to clean water, help one more child get the nutrition they need, help one more typhoon survivor find shelter and warmth. Go online at or by calling 1-800-333-8300.