Offering:Christian Blind Missions

Ushers: Peter Prins & Craig Van Stryland

Lift Operator: Clarence Kits

Sound: a.m. Rick Wildeboer p.m. WE Event

PowerPoint: a.m. Hailey Wildeboer p.m. WE Event

Greeters: Wayne & Jackie Bouwman, Alex & Ann Wildeboer

Coffee: Herman & Betty Scholing, Paul & Cindy Prins, Grant & Mel Zuidhof

Nursery: a.m. Amy Dowling, August Luymes, Russell Ebens

Preschool teacher & helper: 3 & 4 year olds: Brianna Venhuis & Reuben Wildeboer 4 & 5 year olds: Michele Noort & Leah Ebens


Offering:Tuition Relief

Ushers: Bryan Noordhof & Dylan Tenbrinke

Lift Operator: Walter Land

Sound: a.m. Pat Bouwman p.m. Travis Tenbrinke

PowerPoint: a.m. Corinna Prins p.m. Hannah van Iperen

Greeters: Bryan & Yvonne Noordhof, Ralph & Pauline Bos

Coffee: Harry & Dorothy Wildeboer, Pete & Jessica Heidelberg, Pete & Cora Hoekstra

Nursery: a.m. Brianna Venhuis, Rick Wildeboer, Kassidy Tenbrinke p.m. Trudy Salomons & Josh Wildeboer

Preschool teacher & helper: 3 & 4 year olds: Jenny Tenbrinke & Kayla Swier 4 & 5 year olds: Carina Tenbrinke & John van Iperen


Sunday, November 22nd

4:00 p.m. WE Event & Potluck supper

7:30 p.m. Living Members meet at Peter & Gerry Prins

Monday, November 23rd

7:00 p.m. Friendship

7:30 p.m. General Administration Leadership team

Tuesday, November 24th

7:30 p.m. Tuesday Nite Youth

Wednesday, November 25th

9:30 a.m. Coffee Break & Story Hour - Fruit of the Spirit #2

7:00 p.m. Safe Church Orientation training

7:30 p.m. Youth Ministry Leadership team

Thursday, November 26th

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

7:30 p.m. Worship team (Mel) – youth