We Come to Worship Our God

Gathering Songs: Carol De Waal

*Call to Worship: John 8:12


*God greets us & we greet one another

*Opening Song: LUYH 567 Here I Am to Worship

We See the Light of God’s Grace

Confession: Darkness – Luke 11:33-36

Pardon: Light – 1 Peter 2:9-10

Song of Response: WHM 152 O Holy Night

Children’s Message: Harriet Luymes
Preschool children are dismissed

God Comes to Us in His Word

Song: PH 280:1,3 LUYH 763 Blessed Jesus, at Your Word

Scripture reading: Matthew 5:1-14

Text: Matthew 5:14

Message: Being Light Together

We Respond in Grateful Service

*Song of Response: Shine Jesus Shine

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Diaconal Ministries Canada

We Leave to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Closing Song: PH 593:1,3,4, LUYH 280 My Song Forever Shall Record

*Just a reminder that there will be no Children and Worship & Treasure Seekers until January 10th.

Church Offerings

Today’s offering is for Diaconal Ministries Canada. DMC exists to inspire, equip and encourage deacons, churches and their partners as they join in God’s transforming work in communities.

Next Sunday’s offering will be for Youth Unlimited of the Christian Reformed Church. Youth Unlimited CRC is one of three ministries (the others are GEMS & Cadets) incorporated in an organization called Dynamic Youth Ministries. Youth Unlimited is the co-ed ministry for high school youth. Youth Unlimited encourages, supports, equips and partners with congregations across North America to reach youth for Jesus Christ! The group sponsors SERVE mission trips and the Live It! conference every summer.