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February 7 Bulletin

Bethel News

Bethel Prayer Ministry: 

Council at its visioning morning decided to enhance our prayer ministry in our worship service. Two changes will begin today, February 7th:

1. Pastor Mike will be asking for prayer requests before the congregational prayer. In this way we can better bring the needs of our fellowship before our gracious God.

2. For those prayer needs that people do not prefer to mention publicly, there will be an office bearer available at the front of the church immediately after the service so you can share your concern in confidence with him/her and he/she will offer a specific prayer to our heavenly Father for that concern.

Next Sunday, February 14th 

We read from Luke 14:1-24 as Jesus welcomes outsiders to the Kingdom Feast. It is also “Sanctity of Life Sunday.” Pastor Mike will lead our worship.


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Continue to remember those young and old with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles.

Address notification: Jan & Joyln Rodenburg, #2 – 8502 Unity Drive, Chilliwack, BC, V4Z 1K6. Phone number: 1-604-217-4134.

Mark, Selina, Luke & Levi Patterson will be returning to Lacombe this coming Tuesday to stay for several months. As a way of welcoming the Pattersons back to our church family, we invite you to help fill their pantry and fridge/freezer! Food items can be brought to the church today. Coolers and boxes will be in the church Fellowship hall to place your food items in. If you have any questions, please contact Marcella Van Stryland (403-784-3545), Ann Wildeboer (403-782-2061) or Erin Lewin (403-789-7995). Thank you!

Do remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: please keep Jenny Bajema, Tilly Biel, Klaas Boskers, Gerry Doornenbal, Lea Dykstra, Lillian Mercier, Ernie Stebner and Grace Vander Veen in your prayers.

Pray for our missionaries around the world. 

New Worship schedule for February & March: 

If you are involved in the Worship services in any way – Music, Sound, PowerPoint, Song leaders, Bible readers, etc. please look in your church mail box for a Revised Worship schedule for the months of February and March. Due to the cancellation of our evening worship services (effective February 7th) we will be following this schedule instead of the one you received previously.

Our Mexico Mission team 

Is now complete. Our team consists of Wayne Bouwman, August Luymes, Andrew Tenbrinke, Gayle Vreugdenhil and Mel Wildeboer as leaders. Youth are Myah Bajema, Matthew Baong, Mark DeWit, Leah Ebens, Brooklyn Forsyth, Hilary Prins, Rachel Reitsma, Kyle Scholing, Aysha Spelt, Kayla Swier, Dylan Tenbrinke, Keith Tenbrinke, Jenna Ubels, Riley Vandenborn, Hannah Van Iperen, Carmen Vogel, Lisanna Weever, Evan Wiersma, Coltin Wildeboer and Hailey Wildeboer.

Come out and support the Mission Team by attending our next fundraiser, “A Country Affair” Dinner & Silent Auction. This event will take place on March 4th at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Alberta Christian High School gym. Tickets are $20 each and are available from any of the team members or Betty Scholing at 403-782-2701 or Trudy Salomons at 403-782-7378.

Coffee Break 

ladies, this week we have a Potluck Breakfast. We will be eating at 9:15 a.m. and then at 10:10 a.m. we have our last lesson from “Fruit of the Spirit.” Nehemiah is our next lesson. See you on Wednesday!

Book Club 

time is coming up. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, February 11th at the home of Margaret Roolker at 7.30 p.m. The book is "Snow on the Moon" by Keith Heller. It will be Cootje Voorbij’s turn to bring some refreshments. See you all there!


Young Peoples 

will meet for a Social this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Riley Vandenborn.

Young Adults 

will meet for a Social this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Corinna Prins.

Tuesday Nite Youth 

will meet on Tuesday, February 9th at 7:30 p.m. Doors will open at 7:00 p.m.


Neighbourhood Life in Central Alberta 

continues to draw attention as it mobilizes people to love their neighbour and their neighbourhood. Burman University has recently invited us to teach in their "Principles of Evangelism" class this semester, which will begin in March. And the discipleship approach will be taught in Sylvan Lake also starting this March. We are also inviting you to join the discipleship series at Wolf Creek Community Church this Sunday (tonight) at 7 p.m. as we dig into our role in the strained relationship between the church, Scripture and culture. We also want to remind you that stories from our Central Alberta neighbourhoods are also being collected into a book to be released this summer, and the deadline to submit your story will be March 31st. For more information email rickabma@gmail.com or call/text 403-505-9897.

Neighbourhood Engagement Weekend (N.E.W.), February 19TH - 21ST at Camp Nakamun!

We invite you to discover anew what God might be up to in our neighbourhoods and how we might join the Spirit on God’s mission right where we live. Join us for stories and conversation, learning, fun, fellowship, food and family time. Sponsored by your Classis Neighbourhood Life Catalyzers. $135/Adult; $65/Teen; under 18 - $35/Child includes everything- accommodations, meals all materials and activities. For more information and to register, contact Rick Abma - rickabma@gmail.com or 403-505-9897.

Would you be interested in going to the first Canadian National Gathering (CNG) May 6-8?

It is meant to inspire local, regional, and denominational ministries in Canada. Those going will share ministry stories and set priorities for the work of the CRC in Canada. Place: Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. Cost: Covered by Classis. Who can go? 12 representatives (from each classis). If you are a GEMS/Cadet counsellor, youth leader, musician, young adult, senior, or anyone else who is passionate about ministries in Canada, then the CNG is for you. Go to the website www.crcna.org/gatherings/canadian-gathering-2016 and fill out an application. Deadline is February 12, 2016.


Lacombe Leadership Prayer Breakfast: 

Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 a.m. at the Lacombe Memorial Center. The Speaker is Eric Rajah, leader of “A Better World.” He will share his vision for humanitarian work internationally and his concentration this year on helping right here in Lacombe. Tickets are $25 from our secretaries.

Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada

In September 2015, leaders of Canadian faith communities issued a statement “On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada” (cpj.ca/ccc-statement), a call for federal government action to end poverty and fight climate change. Now Citizens for Public Justice is coordinating a national petition from people of faith who are echoing this call for climate justice. Add your voice to the call online at cpj.ca/climate-call.

Pro-Life Baby Bootie Campaign: 

To all you Pro-Life supporters – young and old who like to knit, crochet or sew here is an opportunity to help the Pro-Life cause. The objective is to collect 1000 baby booties and place them in the hands of each and every Member of Parliament across Canada. These booties will accomplish four things:

1. PRAY – allow yourself to pray and consider the 100,000 babies lost to abortion in Canada in the past year.

2. EDUCATE – we want to educate each MP & Senator and have them hold a pair of booties and consider the baby that cannot wear them.

3. UNDERSTAND – these 1000 pair of booties will create a powerful visual of the many lives lost to abortion.

4. DONATE – afterwards these booties will be donated to Pregnancy Care Centres across the country, warming the feet of new babies.

If you are unable to create a pair of booties we are also asking for Cards to be attached to each pair of booties. Write an encouraging word of support for Pro-Life and ask the MP to assist in changing our laws to protect the pre-born. Visit the link to view a Youtube video – https://arpacanada.ca/action-items/current-action-items/2422-booties-for-babies-callenge

Please place the cards & booties in the basket provided under the mailboxes. The deadline will be March 31, 2016. Let the knitting & crocheting begin! Thank you for your support. Contact Judy Hazelhoff for more information.



A former FARC commander learned about Jesus. Though he was trained by some of the highest-ranking leaders in the guerrilla organization, he has made a decision to follow Christ and is now sharing the Gospel with others. This former commander lives in harsh conditions in a war-torn area. The church within this region is controlled by the guerrillas and, if the Christians don't adhere to the orders given by the FARC rebels, they will be forced to leave or risk life-threatening danger. Though the area is improving, the long years of war and living under Marxism and Leninism have made the people both fearful and resistant to the Good News. Pray for Colombian Christians, as they are often the targets of violence. Pray those in Marxist guerrilla groups will see the love of Christ in the Christians they are persecuting and will come to know Him. Pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down due to violence. Pray for all who suffer from loss, that the Lord might meet their needs and that they might find in their Creator hope and restoration.

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