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May 29 Bulletin


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Continue to remember those young and old with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles.

Do remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: please keep Jenny Bajema, Tilly Biel, Klaas Boskers, Gerry Doornenbal, Lea Dykstra, Ernie Stebner and Grace Vander Veen in your prayers.

Pray for our missionaries around the world.

Bethel News

Note from Council

To date, there have not been any members that have been asked, willing to let their name stand as Elders. Council asks that members would please pray about this situation.

At this point, we are thankful that Darran Vreugdenhil has come forward and is willing to let his name stand as an Elder. Because he is currently serving as a Deacon, that will result in 3 Deacon positions to fill instead of 2. On June 12th, if there are no objections, we will be installing those who have accepted the call to serve - Bryan Noordhof, Trudy Salomons, and Rick Wildeboer as Deacons; Darran Vreugdenhil as Elder and Kyle Van Stryland as Youth Elder.

Also, you may have read in the bulletin that there is consideration in changing our worship service time to 10:00 a.m. At our last congregational meeting, it was brought to our attention that those of our seniors who live in care facilities have lunch at 12:00 noon. Our current 10:30 a.m. service makes it difficult for them to be there on time. We also realize that a change to 10:00 a.m. could make it more rushed for farmers who have animals to care for. Please let a council member know if a change to the service time will affect you.

Full Council highlights from the May 25, 2016 meeting:

•Ann reports from the Canadian National Gathering

-Many hours of listening, learning, sharing and praising were had with about 150 attendees

from across Canada.

-A full report will be in the next Bethel newsletter.

-One important note - each church family will receive a CRC resource booklet. Please review

and keep this booklet handy as there are many useful resources from CRC Canada.

•Henry reports on the recent information session regarding the “Church Renewal Lab”. There is an information pamphlet available for anyone looking to be involved. Council will need to make a decision very soon so any feedback would be appreciated.

•Church council summer social tentatively set for June 22nd at the Van Strylands.

•A confidential council email system will be set up in the near future

•Some discussion dealing with council nominations being declined.

•An extensive discussion on the structure and possible restructuring of certain council positions.

•Next full council meeting will be June 15, 2016.

Lacombe Refugee Update: 

The Al Omar family has arrived! The family came late Thursday and are settled into their new home. After travelling over a period of 3 days they are tired and need time to adjust. The banner made by the GEMS was posted at their house and a handmade sign in Arabic greeted them at the airport. Many community groups and individuals have donated to help them get established. After the paper work is completed the next step is to enroll the children in school and to find employment for the father. They are thankful for all the ways in which they have been supported by the community. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Bethel Newsletter: 

It’s time again for our monthly newsletter. The month of June sees us celebrating Seniors’ Week, Father’s Day and Graduations. We look forward to some interesting contributions from the congregation. Please feel free to submit your letters, memories, celebration stories etc. with us as a congregation so we can grow in the family of God and celebrate together. We especially want to hear from our students who are graduating from grade 12 and higher education. Please submit a photo and a few sentences about your future plans. As you share with us, we can pray for you. We hope to have the June edition in your mailboxes for June 5th so please have your submissions in to either Harriet Luymes, Meaghan Noort or Anita Geldof by May 31st. Blessings on all your celebrations.

Volunteer Link: 

We are looking for a volunteer to be willing to mow the lawn for an elderly lady at Parkland Acres this summer. A door needs repair on a trailer near Morningside, anyone willing and able to help out with this project? Volunteer Link provides much assistance in our community and as a member church of this organization we too need to participate with volunteer hours. If you are willing to help out with either the lawn mowing or the door repair or would like more information, please call Ann at 403-782-2061.

Teachers, parents, grandparents, anyone who loves kids 

we've got an exciting opportunity for you! This summer we will be running a Children's Church experience for the preschool to Grade 6 members of our church. Sign up for a week or two to have fun and get to know our younger people better. Each lesson is complete, all scripted, with a music DVD to lead singing and no craft supplies to gather. Just read it through the week before, be sure you've got all you need (most supplies will already be in the classroom), and come do church in a whole new way! Sign up for a week in the foyer. Any questions? Call Brad or Erin Lewin at 403-789-7995.

Kids -- preschool through those finishing Grade 6. 

Come try a new way to worship! During regular Sunday school time this summer we will be doing Children's Church. The older kids will help lead the younger ones through the lesson (don't worry, the teacher does all the work, you just get to help with the fun stuff), and everyone has fun singing, learning, and getting closer to God. It all starts June 5th, so come join us!


This weekend many youth from Bethel and other local churches are attending the YC 2016 Youth Conference in Edmonton. The theme this year is UNITE and we pray that the speakers and Christian music artists will speak to our youth in amazing ways. We pray too for safety and give thanks for the willing leaders who are part of the group.


Baseball season is almost upon us and this has made a few of us think about green grass, warm sunshine and catching a few fly balls out on the baseball diamond. This summer come on out for a fun event called the “CRC Grand Slam Slo-Pitch Invitational”. Get your church group co-ed slo-pitch team together for this second annual tournament being held on the weekend of July 9, 2016 at the Clymont Recreational area near Devon, Alberta. The cost per team is $220.00 (this being a fundraiser for Home Missions “Neighbourhood Life”.) If you have a team or two who would like to participate, please contact Ron deVries by email at rc.devries1@gmail.com or text/call 780-619-6566 by June 12th to book your team. Once we have the number of teams coming, we can send you the game times and schedules. There is camping available on site for those who would like to camp near the diamonds.


Central Alberta Christian High School - Drama 20/30 Presentation: 

Turn the game Clue into a play and you have the masterfully entertaining Murder’s in the Heir! Almost every character in this hilarious mystery has the weapon, opportunity and motive to commit the unseen murder. And it’s up to the audience to decide who actually did it! The presentation will take place on June 1st and 2nd with the doors opening at 6:30 p.m. Play begins at 7:00 p.m. for approximately 90 minutes with a 20 minute intermission. Tickets are available at the CACHS office for $10 each. Call Ann at 403-782-4535 to reserve your ticket and seat.

Add Your Voice to Canada's Climate Plan. 

The Government of Canada is asking Canadians what we want to see in a national climate action plan. This is a concrete opportunity for us to live into God's call to love and care for the Earth. You can easily submit your ideas using the web-based Climate Consultation Template developed by Citizens for Public Justice. The template contains proposed recommendations and an invitation to reflect on personal connections to climate change. Go to cpj.ca/climate-consultation to be part of the conversation!

Camp Rehoboth 

is back and provides a one week camping experience for people with disabilities. It is a life-changing and faith-building week for campers and the volunteers as well. Volunteers are needed for this summer for the following weeks: June 26 to July 1 – 3 to 4 counselors & 3 to 4 cooks, July 9 to 15 – 1 nurse, 20 counselors and July 16 to 22 – 10 counselors & 1 techie. Please check out the poster on the bulletin board in the foyer for more information. Sign up to volunteer at www.rehoboth.ca or email to camp@rehoboth.ab.ca or phone 780-968-8488.



Christians experience more violence in Pakistan than almost anywhere else. The nation's infamous blasphemy laws continue to be abused to settle personal scores, particularly against minorities including Christians. A pregnant woman and her husband were thrown into the kiln where they worked and burned to death after being accused of blasphemy, orphaning their four children. Two churches in Lahore were bombed, killing 25 people and wounding dozens. An estimated 700 Christian girls and women are abducted every year, and often then raped and forcibly married to Muslims. Prayer Points: For safety for Christians in Pakistan, and for particular protection for women and girls. For comfort and courage for Christian children, who are often bullied at school and sometimes even banned from using the same water fountain as other students as they will 'defile' the water source. For strength for Muslim-background believers, who are often physically attacked, rejected by their communities or even cursed using occult practices.

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