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God’s People Gather

Gathering Songs: Bryan Noordhof


*God Greets Us & We Greet Each Other

*Opening Song: PH 425 LUYH 523 Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid

We Receive God’s Grace



Song: PH 260 LUYH 624 Not What My Hands Have Done

Children’s Message: Terry Vandenborn

Song: My Life is in You, Lord
Preschool children & Grades 1-2 are dismissed

God Speaks to Us

Scripture: Acts 2:14-47

Message: Being Devoted

God’s People Respond with Gratitude

Song of Response: PH 557 LUYH 366 My Jesus, I Love Thee
Treasure Seekers (Grades 3-6) are dismissed

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Youth Unlimited

We Leave to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: LUYH 938 My Friends, May You Grow in Grace

Please note that Children and Worship and Treasure Seekers begin again today.

Next Sunday, January 15th

We affirm that in the church Jesus is building, “Teaching is Central.” Pastor Mike will lead our worship. Our newest missionary, Diana Boot will join us and share about her mission in Uganda. We will also join together for a Potluck lunch. Please see the following note.

A potluck soup and bun lunch has been organized for next Sunday, January 15th after the morning service. Diana Boot, our new missionary will be here so you will have a chance to meet with her! Please bring a pan of soup or prepared buns and dessert. Everyone is welcome!


Today we bring our offerings for Youth Unlimited. “Youth Unlimited helps churches challenge youth to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and transform this world for him.” Youth Unlimited is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry organization with the focus of assisting the Church and its many local congregations with their ministry to our youth. Youth Unlimited is one of three ministries incorporated in an organization called Dynamic Youth Ministries. GEMS Girls’ Club is a ministry for young girls and Cadets is the companion ministry for boys. Youth Unlimited is the co-ed ministry for high school youth. (Please note that this organization is NOT affiliated with Youth Unlimited/Youth for Christ here in Lacombe or North America.)

Next week our church will take an offering for Shalom Counseling in Red Deer.Motivated by Christian love and working collaboratively, Shalom provides to all who seek the services: Quality Christian Counselling for emotional & relational concerns, Family Life & Wellness Education for the community and training & encouragement for caregivers.

The Mission Team says THANK YOU for your generosity! 

Donations received at the Pancake Breakfast last Sunday morning were $1,040.00. It was a pleasure serving those who came out for breakfast.