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Today we bring our offerings for Calvin Theological Seminary. Calvin Theological Seminary is about preparing faithful, creative and compassionate leaders who will nurture disciples, renew churches and be bearers of shalom to a world in turmoil. Its Reformed approach to theological education uniquely equips students to face the complexities of ministry in this rapidly changing world. All of this happens through an experience that joins head, heart and hands together in joyful response to God’s sovereign claim over all creation.

Next week our church will take an offering for the Honduras Water Project.

World Renew, the Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference, and Diaconia Nacional (Honduras) along with students from King’s University work together each year to make The Honduras Water Project possible. For many people in Honduras water sources may be contaminated, or they may be quite a distance away from their village and need to be carried home. Teams travel to remote villages in Honduras, to assist people in obtaining safe, clean drinking water and to learn the principles and practices of sustainable community development. They do this by building a simple, effective low-maintenance gravity water system. Many churches contribute financially to provide the materials for the projects; pipes, mortar, sometimes a pump, tools, standpipes, etc. and team members often raise their own funds to cover their costs to be part of this important mission.


God’s People Gather

Gathering Songs: Worship team


*Call to Worship: Romans 11:33-36

*God Greets Us & We Greet Each Other

*Opening Song: PH 460 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

We Receive God’s Grace

Confession: Matthew 7:24-27

Assurance: Psalm 139:1-10

Song: You Are My Hiding Place

Children’s Message: Harriet Luymes
Preschool children & Grades 1-2 are dismissed

Song: LUYH 157 Meekness and Majesty

God Speaks to Us

Scripture: 2 Kings 6:8-17, Matthew 17:1-9

Message: Freedom from Fear: The Unexplained

God’s People Respond with Gratitude

Song of Response: Behold the Lord
Treasure Seekers (Grades 3-6) are dismissed

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Calvin Theological Seminary

We Leave to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: LUYH 859 Be Thou My Vision