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May 7 Bulletin


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Continue to remember those young and old with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional struggles.

Dear Bethel Congregation: Barb and I appreciated the farewell evening so much. The tasty dinner was fantastic. The program was funner than fun. We knew we had talented people in the congregation but this was amazing. Each group: from all the kids, to the GEMS/Cadets, to various Bible study groups led in wonderful fun presentations. We think a new favorite song for Bethel will be the "BCRC" song, if you can get the actions coordinated. Barb and I laughed long into the night and on into the days driving East. Thanks to the Fellowship MLT for arranging everything and for the super fun MCs, Pete and Terry. Thanks for the lovely signed picture of Bethel Church that you presented to us Sunday morning. It will have a special place in my office in Welland. Bethel is an amazing congregation and we will miss you. Pastor Mike & Barb

We would like to send a HUGE Thank-You to the congregation at Bethel CRC for the generous shower gift as it was very unexpected. We just want to say thank you for your prayers of support, encouragement and love as we start a new adventure together as husband and wife. We have always enjoyed coming to visit Bethel with everyone always being so friendly and hope to be back to worship with you all again one day. David Vandyk and Amanda Stigter

Do remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: please keep Jenny Bajema, Klaas Boskers, Lea Dykstra and Ernie Stebner in your prayers.

Pray for our missionaries around the world. 

This week’s Church Bible Reading Guide from the Gospel of John:

Week 3: Jesus Lives Out His Ministry

Day 1 - John 5:1-15 Q: Jesus gives hope to those who don’t have any. Is there anyone you know who needs hope?

Day 2 - John 5:16-30 Q: Jesus says, “I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.” Do you have the same desire to not please yourself, but to please God who sends you?

Day 3 - John 5:31-47 Q: Is Jesus ever right in front of you, but you fail to see him?

Day 4 - John 6:1-24 Q: Do you ever underestimate the power of Jesus like the disciples did?

Day 5 - John 6:25-59 Q: Is your church’s desire to have more people in church and more money in the account or is your church’s desire to further the kingdom of God?

Bethel News

Summer Worship Coordinator: 

We are very pleased to welcome Jessica Jacobson back as our Summer Worship Coordinator. She started work here at Bethel this past week and will be part of our team until the end of August. Jessica can be reached by email at jessicajacobson@burmanu.ca

Pastoral Search Committee: 

We have had two meetings and we’ve put together our Church Profile and Pastor Job Description. We are discussing ways to invite the congregation’s input. Feel free to contact the committee with questions, comments or suggestions. The committee members are Andrew Tenbrinke, Betty Scholing, Cora Hoekstra, Debby van Iperen, Margaret Roolker, Marvin Ebens, Mel Wildeboer, Jen Zuidhof and Terry Vandenborn.

Calling All Coffee Break Members!! 

You are all invited to Margaret Roolker's home (5123-52 Street, Lacombe) on Wednesday morning on May 10th at 10:00 a.m. Moms you are welcome to bring your kids. We want to just socialize before the summer gets here, and also talk about what to study in the coming season. This will be the only notice...but we hope you can all make it!

Book Club 

is coming up again. On Thursday May 11th, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Margaret Roolker. The book this time is "The Invisible Wall" by Harry Bernstein. It will be Ann Wildeboer's turn to bring refreshments. See you all there!

Vacation Bible School is gearing up, and we need your help. 

Anyone who has finished grade 5 is welcome to help, through anyone who is still mobile. There is something for everyone to do! Starting today there are sign-up sheets on the foyer table. We need dedicated people to run stations, active people to be crew leaders (just show up each day and lead your group of 5 through all the fun), and even have a list for "part-time" helpers who can just spend a morning or two with us. Please prayerfully consider how God might use you to reach Lacombe through VBS this July 3 - 7, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. daily.


Attention all Youth and Young Adults! 

Today you are invited to Lacombe Bethel CRC for a fantastic afternoon filled with games, food, and guest speakers from Teen Challenge. The afternoon will feature a ball hockey tournament, and other activities; so feel free to bring equipment and come prepared! Teen Challenge is an organization that helps youth deal with addiction. Contact Wayne Bouwman if you are coming so we have numbers for supper.

4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Games 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Supper 7:00 p.m. Service led by Teen Challenge


You are invited to attend the farewell sermon by Pastor Gary Bomhof who is retiring from the ministry in June 2017 after 40 years of service in the Christian Reformed Church. This service will take place on June 4, 2017 at First CRC, Red Deer at 10:00 a.m. Following the Sunday service, there will be a time for presentations, lunch and fellowship. In order to help the planning committee, please RSVP by May 19th if you will be attending the lunch. If you, or someone you know, have any pictures that might be meaningful to Pastor Gary, and that you would be willing to share, please e-mail copies to: crcbomhof1976.2017@gmail.com or mail copies to: First CRC Red Deer, ATTN: Bomhof Retirement Planning Committee, 16 McVicar Street, Red Deer, AB T4N 0M1.


She Has A Name, Shedding Light on the Global Sex Trade 

will be presented at Woodynook Christian Reformed Church on Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:30 p.m. You can purchase tickets from the church at 403-885-4427 or from Magdelene House at 587-273-4324. Magdelene house is a home of recovery for people exploited by trafficking.

CACHS Drama 

class presents their rendition of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless and enduring classic Little Women. Witness the March sisters’ journey from childhood to maturity during the American Civil War. Follow the sisters: Meg, the eldest; Jo, the high-spirited tomboy; Amy, the self-centered beauty; and gentle Beth, as well as their beloved Marmee and Father as they learn to endure both good times and bad as they share the joys and pains of growing up. Event will take place on June 7th & 8th at 7:00 p.m, doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available for $10.00 each through the CACHS office. Call Ann at (403) 782-4535 to reserve your seats.



Please continue to PRAY with us for the families of young girls kidnapped from Chibok Since Boko Haram jihadists abducted 276 girls from their secondary school in the town of Chibok, in the northeastern state of Borno, 23 parents have died of heart disease while many continue to battle stress-related conditions. While 81 of the girls have since escaped or been rescued, it is believed that their captors, who initially boasted that they would sell them as slaves have decided to hold on to their victims after realizing how valuable their high profile has made them. As a result, more than two-thirds of the girls are still missing.

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