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This week we will take an offering for support forResonate Global Mission. The world is at our doorstep. Let’s resonate mission in our neighborhood and around the world. The Christian Reformed Church has a rich history of sending missionaries, planting churches, engaging students through campus ministry and international schools, and a passion for fulfilling the great commission. We are excited about continuing this work as Resonate Global Mission! Now we are joining with God on mission both here in North America and around the globe. People all over the world are hungry to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Together we can reach across cultural barriers and forge partnerships within new communities of faith. Thank you for your prayers and support

Next Sunday, May 27th we will take an offering for Benevolent Fund. Dear Congregation. Praise be to the Lord for His blessings. We, the Deacons, appreciate the support that you, Bethel congregation, have given us this past year. We have been able to help a number of families that needed our assistance as it has been a difficult winter for some. At this time we come to you once again to help us to help those in need. We find our benevolent fund needs to be bolstered up so we can continue God’s work in caring for those in need. We would ask that you prayerfully consider what you can do to help financially. We will have a collection for the benevolent fund next Sunday May 27th. Thank you and may the Lord bless you.

The Deacons.


We Gather in God’s Presence

*Gathering Song: Worship team


*Call to Worship Litany

*God Greets Us & We Greet One Another

*Opening Song: PH 419:1,3,5, LUYH 618 Spirit of God, Who Dwells With My Heart

We Celebrate God’s Grace

Confession of Sin

Assurance of Pardon

Song of Thanksgiving: Spirit of the Living God

Children’s Message: Terry Vandenborn
Preschool children are dismissed for Sunday School

Song of Approach: LUYH 761 I Will Hide Your Word Inside My Heart

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture: Acts 1:1-11, 2:1-13

Message: The Power at Pentecost

We Respond with Humble Gratitude

*Song of Response: LUYH 761 Holy Spirit, Loving Breath of God

Congregational Prayer

Offerings: General Fund & Resonate Global Mission

We Go Out to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: LUYH 246:1,4 God is Here

Next Sunday, May 27th 

We welcome Pastor Gary Bomhof as he leads us in worship. Pastor Gary's message will be entitled Catch His Breath with a focus on John 20:19-23. All are welcome!

Food for Thought: 

“I would say that there is no more perfect statement of the doctrine of justification by faith only than this Beatitude: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs (and theirs only) is the kingdom of heaven. Very well then, this is the foundation of everything else."

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones