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Our offering today is for the Shalom Counselling Centre in Red Deer.Motivated by Christian love and working collaboratively, Shalom provides to all who seek the services: Quality Christian Counselling for emotional & relational concerns, Family Life & Wellness Education for the community and training & encouragement for caregivers.

The offering next Sunday, February 10th is for Friendship Ministries.Friendship Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help churches and organizations around the world share God’s love with people who have intellectual disabilities. Their mission is to provide resources that support faith formation and congregational inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Their vision is people with and without intellectual disabilities growing deeper in their relationship with God and with each other in community together.


We Gather in God’s Presence


Gathering Songs: Worship Team

*Call to Worship

*God Greets Us & We Greet One Another

*Opening Song: I Give You My Heart

We Celebrate God’s Grace

Time of Confession

Assurance of Pardon

Song of Thanksgiving: Lord I Need You
Preschool children & Grades 1-2 are dismissed

Children’s Message: Harriet Luymes
Preschool children & Grades 1-2 are dismissed

Song of Approach: LUYH 755, Speak, O Lord

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture: Philippians 3:12-21


The Disciple Who Crossed the Finish Line

We Respond to God’s Word

*Song of Response: I Will Follow
Treasure Seekers (Grades 3-6) are dismissed

Congregational Prayer

Offering: Shalom Counselling Centre

We Go Out to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: LUYH 770, In Christ Alone

Food for Thought: 

John Calvin once said that Truth could be found in unexpected places. He never heard of Pinterest, where I found this statement: The Scariest Words in All Existence: "Depart from Me, I never knew you!" Matthew 7:23