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The offering today is forRehoboth Christian Ministries. Rehoboth conveys God’s love to persons with disabilities and their families by making room for them and enabling them to flourish.

Next Sunday’s offering will be for North America Indigenous Ministries - serving with First Nations to reach all Nations. This offering is a ministry support for Sean and Becky Folkerts and their multicultural family as they minister to the Louis Bull Cree Nation near Maskwacis. Through His amazing grace, God has put in Sean & Becky’s hearts the burning desire to share their lives and more importantly, His love with these amazing people!

Food for Thought

In John 13 we can read that when the time came for Jesus to go to be tried and crucified, "He loved His disciples, and showed them the full extent of that love..." The KJV says, "He loved them to the end..." That's what Jesus did. He has shown us the full extent of His love. And what do we do with that knowledge?


We Gather in God’s Presence

Gathering Songs: Cindy Prins


*Call to Worship Litany

*God Greets Us & We Greet One Another

*Song of Praise: PH 247 LUYH 542 All Glory Be to God on High

God Blesses Us with His Grace

God’s Assurance

Time of Confession

Song of Thanksgiving: LUYH 437 Day by Day
Preschool children & Grades 1-2 are dismissed

Song of Approach: PH 548 LUYH 327 When We Walk with the Lord

God Speaks to Us

Scripture: Luke 14:15-24

Message: Come, Everything is Ready

God’s People Respond with Gratitude

*Song of Response: We Will Feast in the House of Zion
Treasure Seekers (Grades 3-6) are dismissed

Congregational Prayer

Offering: Rehoboth Christian Ministries

We Go Out to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: LUYH 936 Sent Forth by God’s Blessing