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Offering: Ministry support for Diana Boot

Ushers: Craig Van Stryland & Ken Salomons

Lift Operator: Peter Mooy

PowerPoint: Heather Eisses

Sound: Adam Eisses

Greeters: Peter & Polly Mooy, Ralph & Pauline Bos

Coffee: Terry & Donna Vandenborn, Rod & Barb Venhuis

Welcome Home: Jan & Cootje Voorbij

Transportation: Pete & Jess Heidelberg

Nursery: Melanie Biel, Marvin Ebens and John van Iperen

Preschool Sunday School: Jen & Torey Tenbrinke


Offering: Support for the En-Gedi Children’s Home - Margaret Njuguna.

Ushers: Peter Zuidhof & Peter Prins

Lift Operator: John Stol

PowerPoint: Cindy Prins

Sound: Pat Bouwman

Greeters: Rod & Barb Venhuis, Craig & Marcella Van Stryland

Coffee: Adam & Heather Eisses, Gerald & Michele Noort

Welcome Home: Craig & Marcella Van Stryland

Transportation: Gerald & Nelly Keitel

Nursery: Gord Bos, Sue & Joshua Wildeboer

Preschool Sunday School: Cora Hoekstra and

Food for Thought: 

In I John 3 and 4, the apostle tells us how we may know that we belong to Jesus, for He lives in us, it's the Holy Spirit who tells us, because He is in us. (I John 3:24; 4:13; also 5:6) Do you ever think about this close relationship we may have with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? With our heavenly Father? A living relationship with the living Triune God: working in us, for us, and through us, to reach others to tell them about this incredible possibility.


Monday, June 10th 

7:00 p.m. Profession of Faith Class

7:00 p.m. Friendship Summer Coffee

Tuesday, June 11th 

10:00 a.m. Prayer Meeting

7:30 p.m. Council Executive

7:30 p.m. General Administration Leadership Team

Thursday, June 13th 

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper
Cooks: Jeanne & Betty
Helpers: CACHS students