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The offering today is for support for the En-Gedi Children’s Home - Margaret Njuguna. At the En-Gedi Children’s Home in Kenya, the love of God is shared with the many children who love each other, play together, sing and dance as they have been able to do so. They are created in God’s image. They are not disabled. They are abled differently!

Next Sunday’s offering will be for support for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. CFGB’s goal is a world without hunger. They work toward this goal by: providing food in times of crisis for hungry people in the developing world;

Reminder from the Deacons:

Options for giving to Bethel Church and other causes:

  • Write a cheque and in the memo portion write what the cause you will be supporting.
  • Use the envelope provided in the pews. Please write for which cause you will be supporting and place in the collection plate.
  • Purchase Bethel Offering notes from our Treasurer, August Luymes. Place the note in the offering plate for the cause of the week. Or for the Budget place your notes in an offering envelope provided in the pew, specify that you will be donating to the “Budget”. Please remember to write your name on the envelope.

We Gather in God’s Presence


We Come to Worship our God

Gathering Songs: Bryan Noordhof


*Call to Worship: Psalm 118:5-9

*God Greets Us & We Greet Each Other

*Song of Praise: PH 436 This is My Father’s World

We Confess and Receive God’s Grace

Galatians 2:19-21

Prayer of Confession

Song of Thanksgiving: LUYH 696 Marvelous Grace
Preschool children are dismissed for Sunday school

Song of Approach: PH 440 LUYH 23 Children of the Heavenly Father

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture: John 14:1-14

Text: John 14:9

Message: Our Good, Good Father

Our Response

*Song of Response: LUYH 339 He Knows My Name

Prayer for God’s People

Offering: En-Gedi Children’s Home

We Leave to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: PH 556 LUYH 348 Great Is Thy Faithfulness