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Offering: Calvin Theological Seminary

Ushers: Bryan Noordhof & Peter Prins

Lift Operator: Grace Roolker

Transportation: Gerald & Nelly Keitel

PowerPoint: Brooklyn Wildeboer

Sound: Pat Bouwman

Greeters: Ina Jackson, Jen Zuidhof

Coffee: Rod & Barb Venhuis, Gerald & Michele Noort

Welcome Home: Donald & Amaris Wildeboer

Nursery: Terry Vandenborn, Cora Stol and Rachel Vreugdenhil

Preschool Sunday School: Gayle Vreugdenhil


Offering: Resonate Global Mission

Ushers: Ken Salomons & Arnie Tenbrinke

Lift Operator: John Stol

Transportation: Rick & Mel Wildeboer

PowerPoint: Marcella Van Stryland

Sound: Rick Wildeboer

Greeters: Pete & Cora Hoekstra, Margaret Roolker

Coffee: Craig & Marcella Van Stryland, Terry & Donna Vandenborn

Welcome Home: Margaret Roolker

Nursery: August Luymes, Michele Noort and Claire Wildeboer

Preschool Sunday School: Jenny Tenbrinke


Thursday, September 5th 

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

Cooks: Martha & Diane

Helpers: CACHS Students

Food for Thought: 

Love, You've captured me again / Love, You steal my heart... Has God's love stolen your heart already? Cause love has come to rescue me / Your love has come to set me free... God has sent His love down, in the person of Jesus, Who said: "Come to Me, all you who are..... and you can fill in your own burdens, your own quirks. You are welcomed to be forgiven, to be free, and to have your heart stolen. Captured, by the Digital Age