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Today’s offering is for Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst. Albert is doing ministry with the Timothy Leadership Training Institute in Grand Rapids. TLT is a non-formal inductive learning program for church and lay leaders around the world. They have training materials in 20 different languages, and these materials are available in more than 40 countries. Thousands of pastors and evangelists have been trained in TLT in the past 20 years. Please continue to keep Albert & Carolyn and their family in your prayers. They are very thankful for our ongoing spiritual and financial support.

Our next offering is for The Gideon’s International in Canada. By the divine calling of God, the mission of the Gideons International in Canada is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the personal evangelism and Scripture distribution, in Canada and worldwide, so that people may receive eternal life.


We Come to Worship our God

Gathering Songs: Worship team


*Call to Worship

*God Greets Us & We Greet Each Other

*Song of Praise: How Great is Our God

Confession & Assurance

Song of Thanksgiving: One Thing Remains

God’s Will for Our Lives

Children’s Message: Pastor Jake
Preschool children are dismissed for Sunday school

Song of Approach: He Knows My Name

We Hear God’s Word

Scripture: Psalm 139


Message: Where Can I Flee from Your Presence?

Our Response

*Song of Response: Cornerstone

Prayer for God’s People

Offering: Support for Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst

We Leave to Serve

*God’s Blessing

*Parting Song: Creation Calls

* Reminder to parents of Pre-School Sunday School to sign in and out your children. 

Escort your child down to the class after the children’s message. Any questions about this procedure contact Dana van Gyssel.

**Treasure Seekers and Grades 1 & 2 Sunday School 

will be starting their season next week Sunday, September 22nd.


Next Sunday, September 22nd 

Pastor Jake returns to his series on the 3T’s by reflecting on 1 Corinthians 12:1-31, Talents. God has given each of us different talents or gifts. Our culture tells us that we should use our gifts to do well in lie for ourselves and our families and God doesn’t disagree, but His idea of family Is much bigger that our culture’s. Our gifts are given to us to use to build up our church family, to work towards unity, and for the common good.