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2019-11-24 Bulletin

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Next Sunday, December 1st 

is the first Sunday of Advent, a time where the church slows down ad reflects on the gift of Jesus who came to earth to become human like us. This Advent season we will be journeying through selected passages from the Book of Revelation: Angels, Help Us to Adore Him. We will begin with reflection on Revelation 3:1-13, Wake Up! This passage contains letters from the Jesus to the churches in Sardis and Philadelphia. It is so easy become complacent as followers of Jesus, allowing our faith to become only a Sunday thing. We can lose our passion for Jesus and our passion for the world to know Jesus, so Jesus issues a call to Wake Up! Do we need a wake-up call from Jesus, how is our passion level for our neighbours and community?


We invite everyone to share some of their Christmas baking (bought goodies are welcome too) during the Advent Sundays in December for our fellowship time after the morning services. Please put your marked goodies on the counter in the kitchen and the Fellowship Team will arrange it on trays to be served with the coffee.


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: Jennie Bajema, Bill Wildeboer and Rena DeRuiter. Pray also for those who struggle in silence with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Continue to pray for our missionaries around the world.

Surgery for Peter Zuidhof has been scheduled for January 2, 2020 at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary. We pray for God’s peace for Peter, Jan and family members as they anticipate this surgery and for God’s blessing upon the surgeons and the surgery and for a successful outcome! “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

Dear Bethel congregation, Thank you for your recent offering for my work in Uganda. It's been a bit of a whirlwind since I left Canada. After leaving Edmonton and touching down in Montreal, Brussels, Kigali and Entebbe, I got home at 1:15 am Thursday morning and left again at 9:00 am. The ten hour drive became over 11 hours because of traffic jams as we tried to get out of the city. The next day we had our first graduation ceremony in Moroto where we have an opening to train in government schools. Key leaders were present, and they are endorsing the program, so we have been blessed with an incredible opportunity! As soon as the celebration was over we drove 5 hours to Mbale, where I attended the wedding of a friend on Saturday. As you can imagine, it was SO good to really reach home yesterday! I have a few days here and then will begin travels for trainings. Please pray that my readjustment will go well and that the upcoming trainings will be well received. Thank you for making this work possible. I'm grateful. Blessings, Diana

Bethel News

Executive & Full Council meeting highlights from November 13th & 20th:

  • We approved the membership transfer of Cathy Bomhof to First CRC in Red Deer.
  • We approved the membership transfer of Kyle and Erica Van Stryland to Grace CRC in Chatham, Ontario.
  • Budget has been presented and approved by council. It has also been distributed to the congregation. We will be voting on this budget at the congregational meeting on the 27th of November.
  • Renovation Team will be presenting their findings at congregational meeting. Andrew Tenbrinke, Ann Wildeboer, and Pastor Jake gave us the highlights of the recent classis meeting.
  • We received the outcomes of the "Canadian National Gathering" and it became clear that Christian Reformed people and congregations in Canada wish to work together on 1. Growing healthy Churches and 2. Forming an active Faith in every generation.

In your mailboxes was the proposed 2020 Bethel Budget. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with it and attend the Bethel Congregational Meeting this Wednesday, November 27th at 7:30 p.m.

From the Office: Be mindful of the mailboxes! 

This week the boxes have been cleaned up and shifted. You may have moved, please make sure the contents you pick up are yours.

New Photocopier! 

On Friday morning we received our new copier. All codes remain the same and operation of the machine is basically the same. If you are in need of instruction please contact Dana, she will be happy to help you out.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures 2019 

have been delivered into your mailboxes this week. General Administration Leadership Team asks that you review it with you family and talk about what would happen in case of an emergency during a worship service. All Youth groups, GEMS, Cadets, Circle of Friends, Seniors Club and ALL Ministry Leadership Teams who get together for meetings, Please Review in your meetings what would you do in case of an emergency. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any GALT member. (Bryan Noordhof, August Luymes, Grant Zuidhof, Ian Jackson or Dana van Gyssel)

Basics of the Christian Faith Class: 

Pastor Jake started a 7-week class on the Basics of the Christian Faith in the evenings from 7:30 to 9ish p.m. This is our last week of the series, but still feel free to stop by. We will be using the Francis Chan video series, Basic as our guide. Pastor Jake & Joyce will be hosting this study in their home at 6 Pickwick Lane. This week we are talking about Communion.


are you lonely, afraid to share the things you wrestle with in the deep of the night? Do you wish there was another guy, or guys, you could trust to share some of this stuff with in a safe place. Where you aren’t afraid of being shamed or looked down on, but who would understand and care about you? Pastor Jake is thinking about hosting a get together, a couple of times a month, where guys can gather, and begin building guy relationships of trust and safety. A place where we can share more openly of who we are, to be encouraged to build each other up, while being held accountable in a safe and trusting environment. We will look to the men of the Bible and their struggles, study how God worked in and through them to build them up as men, husbands, fathers, and friends. The hope is to begin this in January, so if you are interested, text, email, or talk to Pastor Jake. His info is in the bulletin and on the church website.

Bethel Newsletter 

Over the next two weeks the newsletter team will be working on the final newsletter of the year. If you have any contributions you would like us to include, please have them in to either Harriet Luymes or Anita Geldof by Wednesday, November 27th. We are always looking for personal stories, reflections, poetry etc. In December we focus on the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. We have a congregational meeting coming up on November 27th. For all those who submit reports to this meeting, we would like to have an email copy that we can include in the newsletter to keep all those who cannot attend the meeting informed and connected. Please email your reports to either Harriet at haraug@gmail.com or to Anita at ahgeldof@telus.net. Thanks for your contribution to the family of Bethel and keeping us informed so we can pray for and encourage one another.

2019 Community Christmas Dinner – Volunteers

Bethel is once again hosting the Community Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day. It will be held in the Centennial Hall at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. Would you be willing to hang up some posters around town? We need volunteers for food preparation on Christmas Eve day from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Would you be willing to help?

We will also need volunteers all day on Christmas Day for a variety of tasks such as playing music, decorating the tables, serving the food, clearing the tables after people have eaten or leading a fun game. Please phone 403-782-5107 or talk to Pete or Cora Hoekstra if you would be willing to help with any of these tasks. It is always a joy and a blessing to be involved with this event.

Community Christmas Dinner – Desserts

Are you willing to make a cheesecake, trifle, or pie for the Christmas Day Dinner? Please let Cora or Pete Hoekstra know if you can help out in this way.


Tuesday Nite Youth 

meets this Tuesday, November 26th at 7:30 p.m. Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. See you there!


Days for Girls 

is an organization dedicated to giving DAYS of school and income back to girls and women by making and distributing reusable sanitary hygiene kits and reproductive and hygiene education. Our team at Woodynook Christian Reformed Church will meet again onTuesday, November 19 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.Come to sew or chat, all day or half an hour. We have many non-sewing jobs to do as well! Soup and buns will be provided for lunch. Talk to Joanna Luna at 587-877-3400 for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

CACHS Drama 

10/20/30 students as they present Crumpled Classics. With first year teacher Mr. Collin out sick, a quirky cadre of students take it upon themselves to pull together the school’s annual “Classics on Parade,” acting out famous stories that they studied in their literature class. The students, however, decide to make the stories relevant to today’s audiences, with hilarious results! It’s a comedy treat sprinkled with outrageous takes on some very familiar characters. This event will be on December 17th & 18th in the CACHS gym. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the show beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 each, available at the CACHS office, 403-782-4535.

Charis Village: 

The December Newsletter will contain a collection of your stories and memories about Christmas. If you have a Christmas story that you want to share, please phone at 403-506-0051 or email info@charisvillage.ca or drop by for tea and a chat. The office is above the Lacombe Registry, and will be available on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Important Message from the Lacombe Christian School Board:

Alberta Education has released a parent survey on the topic of School Choice. The Survey deadline is December 6th, 2019. The Government of Alberta is exploring the development of legislation in relation to its commitment to bring forward a proposed Choice in Education Act. This proposed Act will refine the Education Legislation to affirm parents' rights as primary decision makers in their child's education, and, support the range of choice in the current education system. Your feedback will be used to guide the development of this proposed Act. We ask you, before December 6th to: Click on the link located on our website: www.lacs.ca. It will take you to the survey questions, which should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Any questions? Please contact Martin Folkerts 403-782-6531 or Pete Hoekstra 403-782-4535.


Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols For Advent & Christmas 

Winspear Centre, Monday, December 2nd , at 7:30 p.m. The Interfaith Chaplains at the University of Alberta, the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus & the University of Alberta and The King’s University Departments of Music present, Robert de Frece (Director) and organists Marnie Giesbrecht & Joachim Segger. The pricing for all seats is $20 (plus service chg.). Buy your tickets and come early - get the best seats in the house for just $20! Call the Winspear Box Office: (780) 428-1414. The sponsors of this event are the U of A Interfaith Chaplains & the Mixed Chorus, U of A and The King's University Departments of Music. This is a benefit concert for the U of A Student Support. With the recent increase in tuition fees, many students desperately require this assistance. Your support is needed and appreciated. Thank you!

Ministry to Seafarers: 

As the Christmas season approaches, we here at the Ministry to Seafarers are once again purchasing items for packaging up as gifts for seafarers. Good news - cheques may now be made payable to either "Ministry to Seafarers" or "Classis BCNW". Write "Christmas at Sea" on the memo line. Those wishing to contribute to this cause, please send cheques to: Ministry to Seafarers

401 E Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC V6A 4G9, Canada. We're also still short on toques, so please send any you can. Thank you from Rev. Gary Roosma, Ministry to Seafarers Vancouver


Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. Hebrews 13:3

Jesse Tree, God’s Big Advent Story: 

Today in the mailboxes of families who have children aged 12 and under will find a package of items for a Jesse Tree Advent Calendar. A model of the project can be seen on the organ in the sanctuary today. If you would like a copy, please help yourself from the basket on the table in the foyer. If there are no packages left, email Dana at the church (bchurch2@shaw.ca) and she will make sure you receive one. It is our prayer that you enjoy decorating, reading and praying as a family during this Advent season.

What Is a Jesse Tree?

A Jesse Tree is a centuries-old way of illustrating how God’s story leads to Jesus. A series of ornaments show symbols that represent important people and events in God’s Big Story. Each day in Advent you hang another symbol on a tree and explore the story behind it through devotional readings and activities.

How to Use the Devotions

Use the four steps below as a framework for your time together. Hang the symbol for each day’s story when it works best for your family to do so.


Step away from the busyness of the season and calm your head, heart, and hands as together you slowly breathe in . . . and out. (Adjust the length of this time according to your children’s attention spans.)


Spend time in God’s Story by reading the suggested passage from the Bible or from a children’s story Bible. Some days the selections are longer than others. One way to keep all ages engaged is by including them in the telling of the story. You can invite pre-readers to make up an action to do each time they hear a particular word or name. Or assign readers a section of the story to read aloud or have them read the lines of a character as you narrate the story.


Use the questions to reflect on the story. We’ve provided you with “wondering questions” because they work well with all ages, they have no right or wrong answers, and they result in deeper thinking about God and about the lives of the people in the story. Encourage kids to use their imagination as you wonder together about these stories. You might want to end this time by asking, “What do you wonder about this story?”


Close your time with prayer using the provided suggestions or your own words and ideas.

We hope that the Jesse Tree will become a beloved yearly ritual in your home.

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