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Offerings, Tithing & Budget Collections at Bethel: 

Your Deacons encourage each member and family to continue giving regularly, so our church can continue to financially support the causes that are important to our church family. We will post the specific offering each Sunday in the bulletin with a short description of this ministry. You can decide to transfer your offering electronically immediately or we highly encourage offerings to be mailed and send to: Bethel Christian Reformed Church c/o Treasurer August Luymes 5704 51 Ave Lacombe, AB, T4L 1K8. Cheques should be made out to Bethel Christian Reformed Church and the cause noted on the memo line, if more than one offering is included please note that on the memo line or enclose a note. "Bethel Bucks" may also be mailed, but please enclose a note that mentions the cause for which the notes are to be used.

Today’s offering is for Lacombe Christian School. 

LCS believes Christian Education to be an extension of the church, where Alberta Educations’ Curriculum is taught with a biblical perspective. During this time of closure however, the need to support LCS is great as the COVID-19 Pandemic has created financial difficulties for many families. Please prayerfully consider giving generously.

Next week Sunday 

Our offering will be for the Benevolent Fund. This fund provides the Deacons with ways and means to assist help and encourage those in need in our church and community. COVID-19 has caused many families financial hardship and the Deacons would like to be able to help as many as possible with discernment during this tragic time.

Bethel Now Accepting Donations through E-transfer: 

To make donations email the transfer to August Luymes augustluymes@lacombebethelcrc.org. Please make sure you specify what cause you will be donating to. If you have any questions please contact August Luymes, Treasurer.

Bethel Now Accepting Donations through the GIVE function on the Bridge App. 

The GIVE function currently allows for credit card donations, and will soon support debit and recurring giving to a list of the many worthy causes that Bethel supports regularly. Please Note: Upon making a donation, a receipt will be issued immediately by email. Please hold onto these for tax purposes. They will NOT be reissued at the end of the year.

*If you do not have the Bridge App, you may proceed to donate online through their system. If you have any questions contact Dana. https://crc.etadvance.com/churches/bethel-crc-lacombe/donate