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2020-05-10 Bulletin

Today we will be reflecting on Genesis 38, Tamar: All Honour Sacrificed

Sin has a way of infecting generations of families and Jacob’s family is no different. In Jacob’s family deceit is a way of life and its ripples touches many lives and its hurt cause’s people to do things they never would otherwise. Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law is deceived and hurt by his two oldest sons and she is promised his youngest son as a husband, but she is deceived by Judah. Tamar goes to great lengths to protect her honour and future. Where is God in such a time,how does his light shine through people like Judah and Tamar?


Next Sunday, May 10th 

We will be continuing our series based on 2 Corinthians 4:7 Jars of Clay. We will be reflecting on Genesis 27:1-40, Jacob: Liar. A few months ago, we reflected on this same story, looking at the theme of blessing. However, this story has a second theme, that of deceit and how Jacob’s deceit created so much brokenness and yet God never gives up on Jacob. He uses Jacob as the foundation for the birth of the nation of Israel and the coming of the promised Messiah. Jacob’s jar of clay has many cracks where God still shines through.


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: Jennie Bajema, Bill Wildeboer and Rena DeRuiter. Pray also for those who struggle in silence with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Continue to pray for our missionaries around the world.

Steve & Caroline Ogi: Steve has been diagnosed with a bone infection in his leg and has been admitted into the hospital for treatment. Due to the restrictions in place, Caroline is unable to be with him, so we ask you to keep them in your prayers

Continue to pray for Jordan & Amy Van Stryland and their family as they are expecting a child. Pray for healing, God’s strength and peace for the family, as they wait to learn more about the baby in the upcoming weeks.

Bethel News

From the Pastor: 

During these trying times, it’s more important than ever to stay connected when we are asked to practice social distancing. How does Bethel do this? The following are currently being offered to you. If you are in need of assistance to view or obtain hard copies of sermon notes or bulletins, contact Pastor Jake or Dana.

  • A Daily Devotion will be posted on the Bethel Facebook page and Bethel website
  • Facebook Live: Pastor Jake will be taking moments on Facebook to chat and pray. Like us and share with your friends and family.
  • Sunday Worship Services will be videotaped and posted on the new Bethel YouTube Channel An Order of Worship will be emailed to you Saturday when the video is ready for viewing. The Order of Worship can also be found on the Bridge App and on our Bethel Facebook page.
  • Sunday Worship Services will continue to be recorded audio only and posted on the Bethel website.
  • Sunday Sermon written version, will be posted Pastor Jake’s Blog: Jacob's Musings, the Bridge App and on the Bethel Facebook page.
  • Sunday Sermon & Bulletin: A hard copy of both papers will be delivered to a number of our seniors at their place of residence. An envelope with your name will be dropped off at the front entrance for you to pick up. Please let Dana know if you require a large print for easy reading.

Worship in Such a Time as This:

 We would like to share with you an update about our worship services. Over the past 6 weeks or so, we have been recording our services and posting them on YouTube. With the Alberta Government’s latest COVID-19 updates, we will be worshiping in this way for the next few months, and even after the first threat of COVID-19 is over, it will still be a gradual reopening of places like churches. There have been requests to explore different ways of doing the videos and different ways of meeting together and we have taken a look at what is possible for Bethel. A number of the members of our Worship Teams need to be careful about their health and the latest Government update discourages groups such as choirs and worship teams. “Any gatherings with fewer than 15 people must not include activities that could promote disease transmission. This includes singing, even at religious gatherings, as infected people can transmit the virus through their saliva or respiratory droplets while singing.” Because of this, we will be continuing to use YouTube videos and other online resources to lead our Worship at Home singing. However, we would like to use the gifts of our members in worship and will be reaching out again for volunteers to read Scripture, do Congregational Prayer, do Children’s Messages, and participate with Pastor Jake in leading worship or being a part of a sermon. Please contact Cindy or Pastor Jake if you are able to participate in this way. We will ensure that there is safe distancing in place. We are still in a learning curve and we are in the process of updating our tech equipment in order to help us create meaningful worship services. We have explored drive-in services and this is not possible with our equipment and the cost at this time is prohibitive. We are continuing to explore various possibilities, but this is all a work in progress and we ask for your patience, but we also ask for your ideas and thoughts as this is a time for creative ministry and new opportunities for ministry and outreach! Thank you.

Zoom Sermon Study on Jars of Clay:

If you are interested in a Monday evening sermon reflection time, we will be continuing our study tomorrow Monday, May 11th, please contact Pastor Jake through email, text, or cell to receive a ZOOM invite to the meeting, or click here to go to the meeting. This will be a 30-40 minute time to go a little deeper into being Jars of Clay and how God uses our weaknesses for his kingdom.

Front Porch Conversations

Pastor Jake would like to swing by your homes and have a short Facebook Live conversation with you as a way to keep us all connected with what is happening in each other’s lives. Facebook Live runs straight from Facebook and allows us to video live on our church Facebook page. I'm calling this Front Porch Conversations and I stand outside your door on the front porch or steps 6 feet away and we then have a brief conversation while I video it through Facebook. I usually ask things like: how is everyone doing, is there anything interesting going on, and would you like to say 'hi' to someone. It's about 5-6 minutes long, most people don't watch much longer than that. The video is then on the church Facebook page and anyone who is on Facebook sees it as it's happening, while others can then watch it later and leave greetings and comments. You can either call, email or text Pastor Jake to set up a time or Pastor Jake will give you a call over the upcoming weeks.


Bethel Youth Highway Clean Up: 

We have been asked by the Government of Alberta to participate in a highway cleanup day later this September. The Government is only asking 12 churches to participate in this clean-up and we have been chosen! More information will come as the highway clean up date comes closer.


Lacombe Food Bank 

would like to thank you for your generosity. The shelfs are full and they are encouraging you to let people know who might need some extra help at this time that they are ready and able to help.

Susan MacDonald, the Director of Lacombe FCSS, has asked for masks for their clients. They need 200 of them by June 1st. These masks should be delivered to the College Heights Church. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday (closed for lunch from noon to 1 p.m.). On Fridays the office is open just 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The local ministerial is coordinating the effort, so if you could let Pastor Jake know if you can make a few, he will pass it on to the FCSS. Thank you

Rehoboth Camp Ministry Update: 

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and prayers during these times of uncertainty. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our summer Camp ministry for the 2020 season. Please pray for the campers, parents/caregivers, and volunteers who look forward to experiencing the love of Jesus in a summer camp setting. We’re looking forward to seeing you again in 2021! Kevin Debree, Camp Program Manager

Online Worship classes this summer

Calvin is offering an online 3-week summer class on Worship starting June 1st, June 22nd, or July 15th. A few notes and highlights:

  • This is a 3-week course that you can take for credit or audit (or simply because you love to learn).
  • Students could take this from anywhere in the world. While there will be opportunities to interact, there is flexibility to complete assignments in any time zone.
  • This is suitable for beginners, and will also offer fresh perspectives for veterans.
  • The class is designed for students from quite different kinds of churches.
  • The class will feature several ways to put generously orthodox theological convictions "in motion."
  • This a great class for a church staff or ministry team to take together.
  • High school graduates are welcome, even if you haven't started at a college or university. We'll be sure to check in with you as this course unfolds to make sure that you are staying on track.
  • The cost for this 1-credit hour class has been reduced (from $867 to $542) for university credit. Auditors can take this for 50% of that--which makes it on $271.00 - a bit less expensive than coming to our full, 3-day Worship Symposium.

Click the link to read and discover Worship in a whole new way!


Your Opinion on Worship Matters! 

CRCNA in Canada seeks to answer the following question: “How do we, in the area of worship, address the needs of churches living within a broad range of cultural contexts, i.e. Eastern, Western, Central Canada etc.?” This is your chance to be heard, regardless of age, gender, membership or position in leadership. If you would like to have your unique voice heard, please email survey@crcna.org with the subject line: Please send me a survey!


Wednesday, May 13th 

10:00 a.m. Bethel Book Club

Thursday, May 14th 

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

Cooks: Doreen & Hilda



The ongoing violence in Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen has continued unabated. Christian villagers and churches are frequently targeted by militants holding to strict Islamic ideology. In April, several incidents have come to light: persons are kidnapped, others were killed by gunfire, and houses were burnt down. Indicating the need for continued prayer as well as a call for action by Nigerian authorities. Read about the tragedies at https://vomcanada.com/News-Articles . By so much devastating violence, may Christians in Nigeria find their hope in the 'Rock of Ages.' Intercede for the wounded victims who are now in need of healing from their injuries, as well as the safety of those who've been kidnapped. Remember the grieving loved ones of the many who were killed in the recent attacks. Also pray that Nigeria's governing authorities will find a way to quell these attacks, and that God's Holy Spirit will work mightily in the hearts of the perpetrators.

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