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2020-05-24 Bulletin


Next Sunday, May 31st 

We will delay our series based on 2 Corinthians 4:7, Jars of Clay in order to celebrate Pentecost! The four pastors of Woodynook CRC, Wolf Creek Community Church and Bethel CRC will be collaborating on a sermon together based in Acts 2, via Zoom, for all three congregations. Pentecost is a coming together of people from many nations and peoples and being formed into the Body of Christ as the church. In a time when we’ve spent the past 2 months physically distancing from each other, we thought, as local CRC pastors that it would be a blessing for all of us to see that we may be physically separated, but in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, we are all one in Christ.


Please remember our church family in your daily prayers, at mealtimes and during your personal devotions. Remember those who are unable to worship regularly with us: Jennie Bajema, Bill Wildeboer and Rena DeRuiter. Pray also for those who struggle in silence with ongoing physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Continue to pray for our missionaries around the world, Diana Boot, Margaret Njuguna, Albert & Carolyn Strydhorst and John & Marian VanderMeer.

Prayer Requests:

  • Henry & Anita Geldof as Henry was taken to the hospital earlier this week due to an apparent heart attack. This is all complicated by Henry's overall health condition and they are asking for the congregation's prayers at this time.
  • Steve & Caroline Ogi as Steve continues to undergo treatment for an infection in his leg.
  • Jordan & Amy Van Stryland as they await the arrival of their baby

May our Lord continue to grant strength, peace and guidance throughout your trials and treasures this week.

From Council: 

This week council is meeting to reflect over the past couple of months and the steps ahead. As the province begins to slowly open up, we have received guidelines from the province and the denomination on how to move forward wisely as we consider the needs of the members of Bethel Church and the City of Lacombe. We will be putting together a plan to open up fully again in stages, aware that things are not going to resume quickly and there will be periods of adjustment, depending on how things go in our province and how the virus acts. Council will also be looking at nominations for Elders and Deacons for the upcoming year as well as how we will move forward as a Council in the upcoming months. We ask for your prayers. We thank you for your encouragement, patience and how you have been a blessing to each other these past couple of months.

Bethel News

From the Pastor: 

During these trying times, it’s more important than ever to stay connected when we are asked to practice social distancing. How does Bethel do this? The following are currently being offered to you. If you are in need of assistance to view or obtain hard copies of sermon notes or bulletins, contact Pastor Jake or Dana.

  • A Daily Devotion will be posted on the Bethel Facebook page and Bethel website
  • Facebook Live: Pastor Jake will be taking moments on Facebook to chat and pray. Like us and share with your friends and family.
  • Sunday Worship Services will be videotaped and posted on the new Bethel YouTube Channel An Order of Worship will be emailed to you Saturday when the video is ready for viewing. The Order of Worship can also be found on the Bridge App and on our Bethel Facebook page.
  • Sunday Worship Services will continue to be recorded audio only and posted on the Bethel website.
  • Sunday Sermon written version, will be posted Pastor Jake’s Blog: Jacob's Musings, the Bridge App and on the Bethel Facebook page.
  • Sunday Sermon & Bulletin: A hard copy of both papers will be delivered to a number of our seniors at their place of residence. An envelope with your name will be dropped off at the front entrance for you to pick up. Please let Dana know if you require a large print for easy reading.

Zoom Sermon Study on Jars of Clay: 

If you are interested in a Monday evening sermon reflection time, we will be continuing our study tomorrow Monday, May 25th, please contact Pastor Jake through email, text, or cell to receive a ZOOM invite, or click here to go to the meeting. This will be a 30-40 minute time to go a little deeper into being Jars of Clay and how God uses our weaknesses for his kingdom

Front Porch Conversations

Pastor Jake would like to swing by your homes and have a short Facebook Live conversation with you as a way to keep us all connected with what is happening in each other’s lives. Facebook Live runs straight from Facebook and allows us to video live on our church Facebook page. I'm calling this Front Porch Conversations and I stand outside your door on the front porch or steps 6 feet away and we then have a brief conversation while I video it through Facebook. I usually ask things like: how is everyone doing, is there anything interesting going on, and would you like to say 'hi' to someone. It's about 5-6 minutes long, most people don't watch much longer than that. The video is then on the church Facebook page and anyone who is on Facebook sees it as it's happening, while others can then watch it later and leave greetings and comments. You can either call, email or text Pastor Jake to set up a time or Pastor Jake will give you a call over the upcoming weeks.

From the Renovation Team: 

The renovation team has begun the fundraising process for Bethel’s renovation project. Each member will receive (by mail) a brochure outlining different options of payment, where funds can be dropped off as well as a brief outline of the renovation project. This brochure will also be sent out through e-mail early next week. If you do not receive this information within the next week please contact a renovation team member (Grant Zuidhof, Ed Stol, Donna Vandenborn, Pete Heidelberg, or Herman Scholing). After a time of reflection, a team member will contact you to discuss any questions that you may have.

June Newsletter: 

June is the month of Graduation, Father’s Day, Seniors Week and the beginning of summer holidays. All these things are going to look a little different this year but we don’t want to forget them. We want to honor all those who graduate from grade 9, grade 12 and higher education. Please send a photo and a little write up of plans for next year to Harriet Luymes at haraug@gmail.com so we can include that in our next newsletter. If you have something regarding our Seniors or Father’s Day we would love to receive that as well. Please have your submissions in to either Harriet or Anita Geldof at ahgeldof@telus.net by 12 noon, Wednesday, June 3rd so we can put it all together and have the newsletters in your boxes for Sunday, June 7th. Let’s stay connected, send in your submissions.


Highway Cleanup: 

As you are aware due to the COVID19 Pandemic the annual highway clean-up scheduled for May 2nd did not proceed as planned as there were significant health measures/restrictions implemented that made holding the event impossible. With the recent announcement by the Premier and Dr. Hinshaw about the possibility of phasing the relaxation of the health restrictions has allowed Alberta Transportation to review this year’s clean up timing. Alberta Transportation knows how critical the volunteer funding is to your organization and is pleased to inform your organization that this year’s highway cleanup will now be taking place on September 19, 2020. This event is subject to the following factors: weather, in-place health and social distancing requirements at that time, and any other potential events/incidents that could cause cancellation.

Serve 2020 - Serve@Home 

In light of the current pandemic situation, Youth Unlimited has made some changes to this year's Serve program. Rather than sending students across the country to serve, Serve@Home equips local churches and home congregations to serve in their home communities. Groups who participate in Serve@Home will receive resources from Youth Unlimited to make the week more than just a community service project. Learn more at https://www.youthunlimited.org/covid-19-creates-opportunity-for-new-servehome-outreach-program/


Lacombe Christian School Auction: 

LCS invites you to their Annual Fundraising Auction which will be happening online on June 5th with VJV Auction Co. from Ponoka generously hosting. More information to follow at a later date. All auction items are donated by local community & businesses. *New Items will be accepted until May 25th at noon, with all proceeds going to the Lacombe Christian School. There will be a picture catalogue available and an opportunity to walk through the gym to look at all the items on May 28th, 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. and May 29th, and 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. We hope that you will be able to join us! Any questions, please contact: Karri Folkerts 587.876.8295 or Alison Niemeijer 403.318.8336 or Carina Tenbrinke 403.505.7950


would like to invite all members to the 2020 AGM on June 20th at 10:30 a.m.; hosted as a webinar through ZOOM. AGM agenda and information on how to participate can be found online at: https://www.rcmflourish.ca/2020-agm-agenda/

Youth Unlimited/Youth for Christ Central Alberta: 

Each year we host a charity Golf Tournament. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening like usual this year, but we won't let that put a "wedge" in our fundraising! We've decided to do an online fundraiser, where we "Walk the Course" together. It's not as awesome as walking the real green together, but in this time of isolation, it'll have to do. Introducing Hope & Wholeness, we are going to walk the course to ensure no young person, family or community gets left behind in the pandemic. Visit https://golf.cayu.ca/#h.5z2aoxdvynhl to participate with us!


The Banner: 

With so many of us staying at home and having extra time on our hands, The Banner would love to send you our weekly update. It’s free and you can cancel at any time. The Banner Update is a weekly email (sample here) sent on Mondays to anyone interested in getting the latest news from the Christian Reformed Church straight to their inbox. Once a week, they include links to news, features, online-extra content, Their Shared Ministries articles, and reviews of books, movies, and TV shows readers might be interested in. It gives a sneak-peek of all the new articles posted in the past week at http://www.thebanner.org. Currently there are copies of the magazine on the table in the foyer for anyone to take. If you currently do not receive the Banner and would like to, contact Dana in the office and she will have you added to the list to receive a copy through the mail.

Considering Ministry? 

Classis Alberta North’s Student Support Committee invites those considering full-time ordained or non-ordained ministry in the Christian Reformed Church to apply for a forgivable loan to support their graduate studies. Application forms and further information can be found at the Classis Alberta North website: http://www.classisalbertanorth.ca/student-support-team.html . The application deadline is June 5, 2020. Questions and completed forms can be forwarded to outgoing Student Support Committee chair Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning (jonathan.nicolai-dekoning@kingsu.ca) .

Dear Classis Alberta North:

This week was spent in the very first, fully online COD meeting! Delegates from across North America joined for all day zoom meetings, which were (surprisingly) productive! Stanley Jim, the Council of Delegate for Classis Red Mesa shared with us the struggles of our CRC brothers and sisters in the Navajo Nation due to Covid-19. This Classis is experiencing unique challenges, as a hotspot for this viral disease: increase in domestic violence and addictions, very limited technology or internet access, along with poverty and even a curfew that is strictly enforced by police. Added to these sufferings, they are experiencing difficulties accessing essential food items and accessing the most basic of human needs, clean water. As your COD representative, I challenged all Classis across North America to respond to the great need of our brothers and sisters in Classis Red Mesa. Pastor Harold Roscher of the Native Healing Center has been in contact with Classis Red Mesa through Naschitti CRC on the Navajo reservation and confirms the hardships the people are experiencing during the pandemic. World Renew Disaster Response Services is keenly aware of these needs and is on site responding. The link to the website for World Renew where you can donate to World Renew’s COVID-19 responses.


Wednesday, May 26th 

7:30 p.m. Full Council

Thursday, May 28th 

5:00 p.m. Circle of Friends Community supper

Cooks: Joan & Jan



Across India, persecution and religious intolerance continue. We will stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters. We urge you to remember in prayer all those facing persecution because of their choice to follow Jesus.

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