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2020-06-11 Live Worship

Bethel Church-Moving Towards Live Worship

Presently, we have just been given permission by the government to enter this phase. Here are the steps forward to make this happen.

While the numbers allowed are 100 as of June 12, the reality is that we will only be able to sign up 90 members for each service as we need to allow for walk-ups, tech people, janitors for disinfecting between services, and the pastor and worship leaders.

To ensure we follow the numbers allowed by AHS, we will be inviting members to attend by elder’s lists, each week we will be inviting the members of 2 of our elder’s lists to worship in-person. Each member will be contacted early in the week through email or a phone call and asked if they wish to attend, they will have a couple of days to indicate through an email or call to the church office on whether they will be attending and how many from their household will be attending as well. This will allow for different lists to gather each time

To begin with, we will continue taping Saturday mornings and begin live worship Sunday, June 21. 

General Information

We will do a complete disinfecting of our entire building beforehand, especially since we have kept our doors open for people to drop in, use the library, and to meet with the pastor and others. 

We are working with our janitor to ensure that extra cleaning and disinfecting happens within the church, with special focus on the high-traffic areas.

Signs reminding members of proper physical distancing are posted throughout the building to remind us to be respectful of each other’s space.
Hand sanitizer, at least 60% alcohol, is available at each entrance/exit and is placed throughout the church.

Before coming to church, you are encouraged to use the self-screening tool found on the government website. You are asked to check your health and if you are feeling sick, you are asked to Worship from Home that Sunday
You are encouraged to use masks inside the church building since it may be difficult to always maintain physical distancing in the building.

Entering and Exiting the Church

Please enter in through the main doors on the south end of the church. We will have the doors propped open or a door person to hold open the door so we have fewer people touching the surfaces. 

When you leave, you will be asked to leave through the front of the church through the north west doors by the library with similar procedures as when people enter. All movement needs to be one-way. For those who use the lift, you will be asked to remain in your seat until everyone else has left and then you will be able to leave through the south doors to use the lift.

As you enter the sanctuary, you will be seated from the front of the sanctuary first.

You will need to sanitize their hands as they enter and exit.

You will need to sign in and we will need to hold on to these lists for 3 weeks in order to help AHS with contact tracing should someone come down with COVID 19.

We are required to keep an up-to-date list of all staff and volunteers, including names, addresses and phone numbers.

Worship Changes

Families will be seated together and children will seat with their parents through the entire service.

There will be no mutual greeting involving physical contact
Singing is discouraged and we will examine in-person singing in service on a week by week basis.

We will be exploring different worship practices to make worship meaningful and there will be slight differences in our Worship at Home services from our in-person services.

Lord’s Supper will be done with members coming to the front to receive the elements, with smaller amounts of bread on the plates and separate glasses. The pastor and elders serving shall wear a mask and will give each person the wine/juice and bread.

Offerings will be collected via offering plates set up on tables at the entrance and exit of the sanctuary.

There will be no coffee or social times allowed within the building, social gatherings will need to happen outdoors with physical distancing required.
There will be no nursery: infants and children should remain with their parents or guardians at all times.

There will be no Sunday School, and Kid’s Worship is not permitted at this time. As fall comes, we will be listening to AHS’s guidelines and advice as we enter into the new church year.

Bethel Ministries

Each of our ministries are encouraged to begin thinking about the fall and how to be adaptive according to what will be permitted. This is going to take some flexibility and imagination as we move forward.

You are also encouraged to think in terms of doing ministry as smaller groups, to be more family focused and family friendly so that should we be in this position again in the fall, that ministry and discipleship will be able to continue on, no matter what the situation.

You are also encouraged to begin thinking about how to pivot our ministries towards our community and how we can be engaging and being a blessing

Information concerning congregational singing from the government website
Congregational singing is discouraged. Consider a soloist or instrumental music instead. Where appropriate, attendees can be encouraged to hum along to instrumental, remote, or recorded performances. 

Gatherings that include singing – ideally soloists or small groups – should take as many of the following precautions as possible:
  • Keep singers completely separate from the audience and each other by livestreaming individuals singing separately. 
  • Limit the number of people singing in the same place to the fewest possible. 
  • Have people sing facing away from others or otherwise creating separation using a barrier such as Plexiglas. 
  • Use pre-prepared audio or video recordings. 
  • Have singers wear facemasks while singing. 
  • If choirs, singing groups, bands, or musical ensembles affiliated with the place of worship wish to practice or perform together, they should explore alternatives to in-person singing such as virtual training or recording sessions.
As our Lord equips our province to lead us through this pandemic, we are thankful that we in an area that has not be hit hard, we are aware that things can change quickly, in one direction or another, and so we will communicate as best we can and as quickly as we can as we continue to adjust to the constantly changing  environment. 

May the Lord guide us, bless us, and use us to be a blessing to our community, both now and as we move forward to be Christ’s presence in Lacombe.
Donald Wildeboer,
Jun 11, 2020, 11:22 AM
Donald Wildeboer,
Jun 13, 2020, 8:08 PM