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The offering for today is for the Pattersons’.

Dear Bethel Friends, as the academic year is about to begin with no sign of the door opening for visas and travel, it looks as though we will be spending the next few months here in Lacombe. While we are happy to be a part of this community for a bit longer, we do long to be "on the ground" with our students. However, we still will be fully engaged with our students through online classes and activities. Mark will be teaching 120 students via pre-recorded videos and live interactions on the internet. We feel very strongly that this time of investing in students and serving the university community from afar will pay off in huge dividends once we're able to return. Sowing seeds of trust, support, and friendship will undoubtedly yield a harvest of meaningful relationships in the future. With gratitude, Mark, Selina, and Levi

The offering for next Sunday, September 6th is for Tuition Relief for Lacombe Christian School. 

LCS believes Christian Education to be an extension of the church, where Alberta Education’s Curriculum is taught with a biblical perspective.

September 13th 

Tuition Relief for CACHS

September 20th 

Canadian Food Grains Bank

September 27th 

Ministry support for Diana Boot

Giving to our Church through the Bridge App: 

The Bridge App can now accept donations made from your bank account, and with no fees being charged to the church. To use this feature, launch the app on your phone or tablet and go to the ‘GIVE’ feature. By choosing ‘Payment Methods’ and ‘Add Payment Method’ you can now add a Bank Account. You can also set up ‘Recurring Donations’ for items like the church budget. If you have any questions please contact Dana.