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Eph. 4:25 Truth

posted Jun 10, 2020, 9:23 AM by Jacob Boer

So then, putting away falsehood, let all of us speak the truth to our neighbors, for we are members of one another.

Jesus said that he was the way, the truth and the life. This is why the ninth commandment You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” is rooted in Jesus, in who he is and who he calls us to be, people who speak the truth with kindness and gentleness. Truth is not so much about “facts” and “this is the way things are;” truth in the Bible is based in relationships, in trust and trustworthiness. To speak truth was about your character and comes out of love for the other person because you want them to know truth in their life so they could be the person God has called them to be. The other side of this coin is that we must also be willing to hear truth, to have people speak into our lives the truth of who Jesus is and who he is calling us to be.


Q. What is the aim of the ninth commandment?

A. That I never give false testimony against anyone, twist no one’s words, not gossip or slander, nor join in condemning anyone rashly or without a hearing. Rather, in court and everywhere else, I should avoid lying and deceit of every kind; these are the very devices the devil uses, and they would call down on me God’s intense wrath.

I should love the truth, speak it candidly, and openly acknowledge it. And I should do what I can to guard and advance my neighbor’s good name.