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posted Mar 25, 2020, 10:00 AM by Jacob Boer

A mediator is a person who attempts to make people involved in a conflict come to an agreement. We need a mediator between God and us because of sin, so the Catechism asks:


Q. What kind of mediator and deliverer should we look for then?

A. One who is a true and righteous human, yet more powerful than all creatures, that is, one who is also true God.


Q. Then who is this mediator—true God and at the same time a true and righteous human?

A. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was given to us to completely deliver us and make us right with God.


God loves us deeply, but sometimes, even between people who really love each other, things happen where they find that they can’t stay together and need someone to help them find a way to get back together again. That’s what Jesus does in our relationship with God that got broken because of sin; he finds a way to bring us back together again. Jesus does this by taking the punishment for sin, which God had said was death, on himself to make restore our relationship with God again.

But to do this, Jesus has to be completely human, because it was us humans that messed up the relationship in the first place, and Jesus has to be fully God so that he can take all the sin of the world to the cross so that all creation can be restored. That takes a huge amount of love and commitment! During times like this, knowing that Jesus is fully human means that he understands our worries, our fears, and our concern for our loved ones when we can’t be close to them; and knowing that Jesus is fully God means that he is powerful enough to carry us through these times, powerful enough to protect us, and compassionate enough to be with us through this all, but especially when we feel alone and helpless.

Thank you Jesus for being you and loving us so much, please protect all our loved ones and allow them to feel your presence during this time, amen