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posted Apr 2, 2020, 10:17 AM by Jacob Boer

Q. Why do you call Jesus “our Lord”?

A. Because—not with gold or silver, but with his precious blood—he has set us free from sin and from the tyranny of the devil, and has bought us, body and soul, to be his very own.

To call someone Lord, is to say that this person is more important than you are and that his wishes are more important than yours and become yours. You don’t call just anyone Lord, there needs to be a level of trust based on who the other person is and their character. As followers of Jesus, we place our trust and our lives into Jesus’ hands because of what he has done for us: Jesus has freed us from the power of sin and the tyranny of the devil. 

Without even knowing it, we sell ourselves into slavery to the devil by listening to his quiet lies that we can be in control of our own lives, that we are the most important person in the world. The problem is that we are way too good at messing up our lives and the lives of people around us when we listen to the devil’s lies and we find ourselves living in broken relationships and with little hope. 

Jesus went to the cross to save us from our sin, from ourselves and our self-centered approach to life. Jesus counters the devil’s lies with his promise of freedom: freedom to become who God has created us to be, free from fear, from anxiety, from selfishness and free to love and be loved. We find freedom by giving ourselves over to Jesus. Are you free today?