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posted Apr 3, 2020, 9:35 AM by Jacob Boer

Q. What does it mean that he “was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary”?

A. That the eternal Son of God, who is and remains true and eternal God, took to himself, through the working of the Holy Spirit, from the flesh and blood of the virgin Mary, a truly human nature so that he might also become David’s true descendant, like his brothers and sisters in every way.

Jesus is human, just like you and me, that’s what makes our faith so great, because we follow a God who gets us, who understands what we go through as we journey through life. I wonder at times like this is Jesus ever got the flu, or if he would have done physical distancing if he was living here now. There may not have been a pandemic during Jesus’ time, but there were other life pressures that he lived through: a king tried to kill while he was a child, he was a refugee with his parents, he walked among and touched lepers, he was beaten, tortured and in the end crucified. He was thought to be crazy by his family, called a heretic by the Jewish leaders, abandoned by his followers, and had no place to call home. I find hope in knowing that I can come to Jesus, no matter what’s going on and he’s able to understand.

So whatever you’re going through today, feel free to turn to the one person who will understand and know that he will carry you through it.