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posted Apr 6, 2020, 9:33 AM by Jacob Boer

Q. What do you understand by the word “suffered”?

A. That during his whole life on earth, but especially at the end, Christ sustained in body and soul the wrath of God against the sin of the whole human race.

This he did in order that, by his suffering as the only atoning sacrifice, he might deliver us, body and soul, from eternal condemnation, and gain for us God’s grace, righteousness, and eternal life.


My grandfather moved his family from The Netherlands after the Second World War because he wanted a better life for his family. It wasn’t easy, ask any immigrant family how difficult it can be to start all over in a new land, a new culture and a new language. My mother told stories of going to school those first months and trying to learn lessons in a language she couldn’t understand and then being teased by the other kids because of she was an immigrant. But my mother knew that her dad had done this so she and her brothers and sisters could have a better life and over time, appreciated his sacrifice for them.

Jesus wants a better life for us, this is why he came to earth as one of us, this is why he suffered in order to be an atoning sacrifice so that we can experience God’s grace, righteousness and eternal life. As we enter this Holy Week, take time to give thanks to Jesus for suffering so we can have better lives with God.