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Sunday, January 26th 

We continue our exploration of the spiritual disciples by reflecting on John 13:1-17 the Discipline of Service. In the discipline of service, we will be exploring our attitudes towards service. Often, we are happy to serve in areas where we feel gifted or we enjoy, but what about service that is unseen or feels like it’s below us, what is your attitude towards service then? Serving is more about attitude than it is about what we actually do. We will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. As you prepare for the Lord’s Supper, reflect on who you place your faith in for life, where do you truly place your hope in, and whose love are you seeking?

Sunday, February 2nd 

We will be celebrating our Cadet ministry and inviting the Cadets and their counsellors to help lead us in worship. We will be reflecting on Jeremiah 29:10-14, focusing on verse 12, Hi God, its Me. God wants us to come and talk to him, to stay in contact with him in our day to day lives, sharing with him our day to day stuff and inviting him to be part of it with us. Our God is also our Father and he’s always eager to hear from us.

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