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Sunday, July 14th 

Pastor Jake will continue our look at Jonah and will be reflecting on Jonah 4 with a message of Angry at God. When God’s grace is offered to people who have hurt us and we are unable to see how they are punished for the hurt they’ve caused, we often find ourselves filled with anger and confusion. How do we live with God’s grace to those who have hurt us; a real and haunting question for many of us.

Sunday, July 21st 

Pastor Jake will be beginning a short summer series, looking at trees in the Bible. Trees are found in both the first and last chapters of the Bible and play a role in so many stories. They provide us with so many things that bless our lives; sap, wood, bark, fruit, fresh air, and so much more. We will begin by reflecting on Genesis 2, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Sunday, July 28th No Service at Bethel

There will be no Bethel Church Worship Service as everyone is encouraged to attend the Lacombe Days Church in the Park at the ME Global Athletic Park. Right after the Community Worship Service, Bethel will be hosting a time of fellowship and fun as Diana Boot will be joining us to share her work in Kampala, Uganda. The fun starts at 12 noon, all are welcome!!

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