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Sunday, August 25th

Pastor Jake will be continuing his series on trees in the Bible by reflecting on Matthew 12:33-37, Make your Tree Good. Being healthy spiritually doesn’t just happen and there are many ways we can prepare and work the soil of our heart in order to be heathy spiritually. We are called to do the hard work in following Jesus to make sure that we produce good fruit and are a blessing wherever God places us.

Sunday, September 1st

Pastor Jake will be wrapping up his series on trees in the Bible by reflecting on Revelation 22:1-6, The Leaves of the Trees are for Healing. The Bible begins with stories of trees and the last chapter of the Bible includes trees whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. We all need healing; soul healing, physical healing, relationship healing and more. Jesus came in order to bring healing in every area of our lives, overcoming the effects of sin through his death on a tree. This fills us with hope and strength as we journey through life.

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