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  • Rom. 1:22-23 Images "Claiming to be wise, they became fools; and they exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling a mortal human being or birds or four-footed animals or ...
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Sunday, May 31st 

Worship at Home

Order of Worship

We will delay our series based on 2 Corinthians 4:7, Jars of Clay in order to celebrate Pentecost! The four pastors of Woodynook CRC, Wolf Creek Community Church and Bethel CRC will be collaborating on a sermon together based in Acts 2, via Zoom, for all three congregations. Pentecost is a coming together of people from many nations and peoples and being formed into the Body of Christ as the church. In a time when we’ve spent the past 2 months physically distancing from each other, we thought, as local CRC pastors that it would be a blessing for all of us to see that we may be physically separated, but in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, we are all one in Christ.

Sunday, June 7th 

We jump back into our series on Jars of Clay by reflecting on Exodus 4, Moses: Uncertain and Unwilling. Have you ever felt that God might be calling you to do something, take up a new challenge, perhaps take on a leadership or mentoring role but felt unprepared or not capable of following through on the sense of calling? Moses is being called to lead, a role that he was trained to as a child in Pharaoh’s palace, but after 40 years tending sheep, he no longer felt able to do what God is calling him to do. Does God really give up what we need when we feel his calling, or do doubts keep us from listening or following through? Lots of questions come up in Moses’ story, not all easy ones either.

Worship service cancellation until further notice

The World Health Organization has declared the present COVID-19 situation as a pandemic on March 11/20. The governments of Canada and Alberta have since emphasized the severity of this pandemic and are asking us as citizens to take aggressive action to limit the spread of this virus.

In Alberta gatherings with over 15 people are strictly prohibited

More information can be found in the guidance document for faith-based organizations.

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